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Could your water bill be going up in the next six months?
That is a possibility after discussion by the Clinton City Council Monday night. City Administrator Tim Followell explains the water department has experienced losses in some circumstances because of a lack of tracking small amounts of water that are consumed in town.
Followell explains the City is not overcharging residents for water, in fact, it is the opposite. He notes the city is losing production, or producing more water than they need to.
To fix the issue, Followell indicates the city plans to install electronic meters throughout the community.
Followell says not only this is a positive for the City but it is also a win for the consumer. It could help homeowners find leaks in their homes.
The community risks penalization by the EPA if they do not fix the problem soon. He indicates the sanitary district is going to help pay for the approximately $1-million cost. IT will take approximately six months for everything to get implemented. 

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