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It's not everyday students get asked about what they want to see happen to the facilities they use everyday but that is precisely what is happening at a McLean County school district.
Lisa Taylor is the Superintendent of Heyworth Schools and indicates a small group of the student body helped her and the district identify areas they would like to see improved. Some of the areas were too big but there were a few that the students mentioned the district will take a look at.
Taylor says this has turned into a project that will now go to the community about what the community wants to see and how the district can accommodate everyone. 
The future of what could happen in Heyworth depends on what the community wants. Taylor says it could range from nothing to a fieldhouse for those that want to dream big.
The meetings are March 7 at Heyworth Junior/Senior High School. The location for the second meeting on April 11 will be determined later based on their attendance for the first meeting. Taylor anticipates a good crowd and hopes for a good crowd because the community is already showing a great amount of interest on the issue. 

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