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While the debate around wind energy in DeWitt County continues to swirl, Tradewind Energy executives indicate they continue to add leases for a potential wind farm.
Tradewind Development Director for the Alta Farms Wind Project, Tom Sweirczewski, says they've added another leasing agent and they are adding leases east of 51 and to the McLean County line.
Despite the passionate group in opposition to the project, Sweirczewski says they are seeing support and excitement from what he calls, the silent majority.
With the pinballing of County codes back and forth between the County Board, the Land Use Committee and the Regional Planning Commission, Sweirczewski indicates that has created a little bit of a delay in their plans to bring a proposal forward for their wind farm project.
The process of bringing a wind farm to DeWitt County is playing out very similarly to other areas of the state and Sweirczewski says he has seen a lot of what is happening many times before.
The Land Use Committee will discuss a number of ordinances at their monthly meeting tomorrow night at the DeWitt County building. The full County Board has sent four ordinances back to the Regional Planning Commission, one for consideration and another three for review. 

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