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Growing Strong Sexual Assualt Center Executive Director Cathy Byers spoke with Regional Radio News Monday, about some of the services they offer and what they do.


Growing Strong Sexual Assualt Center believes in the equality of all persons. Providing healing services to victims of sexual assault and sexual abuse, and their significant others, and to educate the community in an effort to end violence and victimization said, Byers.

The center also goes to local schools to educate students about sexual assault and sexual abuse.

Byers said that they helped around 430 clients in Central Illinois ranging from ages 4 to 80 years old.

If you are a victim of sexual assault or sexual abuse Byers said that you can, call the growing strong 24-hour helpline (217-428-0770) for immediate information, resources, crisis intervention, and support. Victims and their family and friends are urged to call. Call the police, or go directly to the hospital. Preserve any evidence that you may have by not showering, bathing, or drinking anything, not changing clothes, not cleaning, or touching objects at the scene of the crime. Try and recall details of the event. Ask for counseling, legal and medical, and support.


You can also go out to Growing Strong Sexual Assualt Center at 270 West Prairie Avenue in Decatur.

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