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Archers Alley "Catch Of The Week" For Episode 28 - 7/24 & 7/25/21


This week's Archers Alley "Catch of the Week" comes to us from Ryan Kauzlarich, of Bethany!


Ryan set out on a mission recently to Sangchris Lake to try and catch a monster flathead...Mission Accomplished!  Check out the story from Ryan below!


From Ryan: 

"Sometimes it feels as if everything is coming together and the stars have aligned. That was what tonight felt like.

We caught a mess of bluegill earlier in the day and had planned to filet them. After second thought I decided to keep them for bait instead.

I hadn’t originally planned on going flathead fishing but one of my buddies hit me up and asked if I wanted to meet him and another friend at the regular spot. When we got there he was fishing from the spot I normally cast from, so I had to cast from another location.

About thirty minutes later both of those friends had to leave and there were two of us left. There was a decent storm headed our way so I grabbed my frog togs and decided to stick around.

Not thirty minutes after they left there was a light sprinkle going. I have always heard that fishing right before a storm was good but I didn’t have this in mind!

I had my back turned and my friend yelled “Ryan!” I looked over and my 10ft heavy rod was buckled! My drag started to scream faster than I’ve ever heard before. I had already cranked the handle to set the hook and knew I had him good. Every other flathead I caught has toyed with the bait, but this biggun meant business!

What was only a couple minutes felt like an eternity as my blood pumped vigorously through my veins. My heart was pounding and when it came to the surface I couldn’t believe it. This is the third time I have broke my PB since May 2nd of this year.

I am beyond blessed to have been gifted these experiences by Mother Nature. I’ve started to have a mantra when I go out. I say “Mother nature will provide and I will be forever grateful.” We have to trust that nature will run her course and when she gives us these blessing we must remember to be grateful for them.

I am grateful for my friends and my family that are always there for me so that I can live out my dreams. They are always there to provide me with the support I need to make these outings a reality.

All of the pictures are of the same fish.

A 39lb beast with an awesome forked whisker. It was released to live another day and to hopefully grow into a 90lber so someone can once again break our state record someday.

I love to share all of my fishing experiences with the world and I hope that someone somewhere finds joy in the stories I tell. Us Kauzlarich’s have the fishing gene that’s for sure!

2021 has been a hell of a year!!"


Ryan will join us to tell the story this weekend on Central Illinois Outdoors!


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