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Clinton Apple and Pork Festival



SEPTEMBER 28-29, 2019!

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Saturday, September 28--10am to 3:30pm!

Sunday, September 29--11am to 4pm!



The 51st Annual Apple 'n Pork Festival will take place September 28th & 29th, 9am-5pm at the C.H. Moore Homestead DeWitt County Museum grounds in Clinton, Illinois. The modest fundraising event, which originated on the C.H. Moore Homestead DeWitt County Museum grounds years ago around a kettle of soup simmered over an open wood fire and stack of sandwiches, has evolved into a two-day, signature event celebrating harvest, heritage, history and hospitality.


The Apple 'n Pork Festival was established by the DeWitt County Museum Association to provide the funds necessary to restore and furnish the palatial home of one of DeWitt County's most prominent citizens, Clifton H. Moore. One of Clinton's earliest residents, Moore was a law partner and personal friend of Abraham Lincoln, a land speculation partner of David Davis, and one of Clinton's leading benefactors. Once one of the finest houses in the city, the Moore house had fallen to disrepair by the 1960's. In 1967, as the once grand structure on the north edge of town approached a century of existence, it was slated for demolition.


One of Moore's heirs offered use of the property to the then newly-formed DeWitt County Museum Association on the condition that the association refurbish and maintain the historic Victorian mansion and open the doors to the public.





9-10am Clinton High School Band 
10am-1pm The Little Ryman Opry 
1:30-4:30pm Modern Cowboyz 

11am Performance by Sugar Creek Cloggers 


9-11:30am Harmony Grits 
11:30am-2pm Shake Daddies 
2-4:30pm King Tz 

2pm Performance by Sugar Creek Cloggers 
11:00am & 2:30pm Andrew the Victorian Era Magician 


>>Attendance Down at 2019 Apple n' Pork Festival


Despite down attendance at the 2019 Apple n' Pork Festival, organizers and vendors alike remain optimistic about Clinton's biggest annual event.


Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers indicates attendance was very down this weekend as in total, just over 60,000 attended the 51st annual Apple n' Pork Festival. He feels the weather probably has a lot to do with it.



Director of the DeWitt County Museum, Joey Woolridge, says while attendance was down, people still come out for the Apple n' Pork Festival. She calls their following loyal.



Several groups were left with leftover food on Sunday afternoon and many more indicated their sales were behind their usual pace. Sunday saw two instances of downpours that lasted for several minutes. The grounds were also more wet on Sunday than Saturday at the 51st Apple n' Pork Festival. 








>>Apple n' Pork Festival This Weekend


It's Apple n' Pork week in Clinton.


Regardless of how anyone feels about it, it is the biggest event of the year in Clinton and it means the world to the CH Moore Homestead. Its Director, Joey Woolridge says the festival started 51 years ago as a modest fundraiser and has grown to encompass the entire community and its groups and organizations.



Civic groups and non-profits will line the CH Moore Homestead grounds and Woolridge says while the Homestead Board puts countless hours into the festival, the groups do their share to give people a reason to come to Clinton.



This year's festival will offer the usual entertainment on the stage at the center of the grounds, thanks to Exelon and their contributions. Additionally, Woolridge says they will bring back their Abe Lincoln impersonator and she's excited about a sketch artist they will have on-site as well.


We'll have plenty more on the entertainment later this week on Regional Radio News. 


The Apple n' Pork Festival is this Saturday and Sunday in Clinton. 


>>Clinton YMCA Readies For This Weekend's Apple n' Pork Festival


This weekend's Apple n' Pork Festival in Clinton is the biggest fundraiser of the year for numerous groups in DeWitt County and a local non-profit's director told Regional Radio News of the importance of this upcoming weekend. 


The CH Moore Homestead allows non-profit groups to set up on their vast grounds and sell food items. Executive Director of the Clinton YMCA, Rennie Cluver indicates he sees the benefits of the festival from all sorts of perspectives.



For the YMCA, they can bank around $10,000 in an Apple n' Pork weekend. When you compare that number to their targeted $100,000 target with their Strong Kids campaign, Cluver says it may not seem significant but it is.



Cluver says if the YMCA did not have the Apple n' Pork weekend, they would probably have to come up with two, if not three, additional fundraisers through the course of the rest of the year.



The YMCA's pork chop sandwiches have been a staple at the festival for many years. They are located almost directly straight out the front door of the CH Moore Homestead off Woodlawn Road. 


The Apple n' Pork Festival is this Saturday and Sunday in Clinton. 

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