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Local Coronavirus Numbers

With another day of nearly 1,000 new coronavirus cases in Illinois and 42 more fatalities, it was another day of zero confirmed cases in DeWitt, Logan and Piatt Counties.


The DeWitt/Piatt Bi-County Health Department announced 22 negative tests for DeWitt County with three pending tests. In Piatt County, 26 administered tests are negative with four pending.


According to the Logan County Health Department, they are awaiting results of 15 tests and have 30 negative results.


The Illinois Department of Public Health announced 986 new cases of coronavirus in Illinois, including 42 additional deaths.


90-percent of the state's 1,535 total cases are in the Chicago area, with 1,379.


11,485 Illinoisans have been tested. One in seven individuals tested return a positive result. 

Social distancing mandates are forcing local government units to adjust how the business will get done in April.


For the DeWitt County Board, not everything will get adjust because Board Chair David Newberg explains they can still hold committee meetings and be under the 10-person gathering limit, however, the County Board meetings will have to adjust.



According to Tim Followell, City Administrator for the City of Clinton, the City Council is going to try out a conference call style meeting. He indicates City Council meetings push the 10-person in a gathering limit so this will allow them to still conduct meetings.



Followell notes the City Council is going to limit their agenda to needed items only until these social distancing restrictions are lifted. He points out there are some crucial business items the     Council will be taking up next Monday, April 6.



Both assure the public they will continue to take care of the business of the City and County and make sure things move along during a time that is new for everyone. 

Governor JB Pritzker and United States Governors of both parties have requested the federal government to open up a special enrollment period into the Affordable Care Act.


Wednesday, Governor Pritzker indicated the bipartisan call was made as there are thousands of Illinoisans that are uninsured and could benefit from such action.



Feedback on such a request has been negative so far from the White House and Gov. Pritzker called the decision 'leadership malpractice'.



Governor Pritzker took the opportunity to blast the President for continuing efforts to kill the Affordable Care Act but reminds Illinoisans whose jobs have been impacted by the coronavirus, they are eligible to enroll now.



Governor Pritzker indicates there are over 1,100 retired healthcare professionals and healthcare workers from out of state to help fight the pandemic locally. He says they are also continuing to work with healthcare students nearing their graduation or end of their programs to allow for early graduation so they can enter the field to help in the fight. 

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak in the United States has led to the Clinton Chamber of Commerce postponing May Days.


The Chamber announced the decision Wednesday afternoon for the event scheduled for May 14-17 in downtown Clinton. 


Chamber officials indicate the event will be rescheduled for May of 2021. 


The Chamber has also had to postpone its annual Business Expo that was scheduled for last week.


The two events are annual fundraisers for the Chamber. 


More information can be obtained by contacting the Chamber at 217-935-3364. 

Tuesday, remote learning began for Illinois school kids in light of the extension of the social distancing guidelines from President Trump.


Monticello Schools Superintendent Dr. Vic Zimmerman indicates those plans have gone out and he is making sure any students who do not have access to the internet knows access to wireless internet is available throughout the community.



The final quarter of the school year is already in jeopardy and Dr. Zimmerman indicates it is unlikely any material still left to be covered will be taught which is going to force an adjustment in learning for the next few years to make sure students get caught back up.



The times ahead are uncharted for everyone and Dr. Zimmerman recommends setting up a routine and structured day for your kids. He recognizes this isn't going to be easy on anyone but teachers will be available to help and students can still engage each other during this time.



Dr. Zimmerman points out this is new territory for everyone and adds this is not going to end up being a perfect system, he hopes everyone will have patience and simply do the best they can. 

Local Coronavirus Numbers

Tuesday saw another big spike in coronavirus cases and experienced one its deadliest days since testing for the coronavirus began.


26 new deaths were reported along with 937 new cases in Illinois. 


DeWitt and Piatt Counties continue to see zero cases reported despite continued testing. The DeWitt/Piatt Bi-County Health Department reports 17 negative tests out of 21 administered, leaving four pending. In Piatt County, 21 tests have come back negative with four pending. 


In Logan County, 35 tests have been administered and 29 have come back negative. They have six tests pending. 


The State of Illinois now has 5,994 cases with 99 total fatalities and now 35,225 tests have been administered.


95-percent of cases are in the Chicago area. 5,683 of the 5,994.


Roughly one in six people that get tested for coronavirus tests positive. 

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker Tuesday extended the State of Illinois' stay at home order and extended the disaster declaration.


At his daily press briefing, Governor Pritzker indicated he continues to let the scientists on his team guide his decision making. 



According to the Governor, 41-percent of the state's ICU beds are empty and 68-percent of the state's ventilators are available.



Department of Public Health Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike stresses the continued importance of following the stay at home order and the social distancing guidelines and points out it is proving to be effective.



Dr. Ezike announced 937 new cases of coronavirus in Illinois, including 26 additional deaths.  

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