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March 18 at 6:30 pm at Clinton High School is the date for a vote on the special use permit for the Alta Farms II Wind Farm special use permit application for a wind farm in the northwest corner of DeWitt County.


Board Chair David Newberg made the executive decision Thursday night at the DeWitt County Board meeting. Clinton High School is available March 18, April 1 and April 8 and Newberg felt getting the vote done as soon as possible was the best course of action. 



The date hinges on County Board members receiving transcripts from the Zoning Board of Appeals month-long hearings by March 4, so they have two weeks to review. The timeline is aggressive and State's Attorney Dan Markwell says if they don't come by that date, the meeting cannot be held March 18. 



It has been two weeks since the ZBA hearings wrapped up and Newberg wants to make sure a meeting date is set if the transcripts are acquired by March 4.



The meeting will be held again at the Clinton High School auditorium.


Also at the Thursday night Clinton Board of Education meeting:


>>The Board approved roadwork for County Highway 1 for $34,000.


>>The Board approved updating server storage at the County Courthouse


>>County Clerk Dana Smith's office is seeking to upgrade the software and hardware for the voter registration system through a grant and that was approved Thursday for just short of $27,000 or no more than the portion reimbursed by the grant. 


>>The Board approved DeeDee Rentmeister as the interim zoning administrator and Mike Bradford as the temporary zoning field inspector. 

Perhaps you have received a knock on your door for the Clinton Fire Department's annual community canvasing fundraising campaign?


The effort is two for the department. Fire Chief Jeff Hoke says the department will canvas the community to make sure every home has operating and up-to-date smoke detectors and if residents are so inclined, they will ask for a donation to help fund the continued work on their training facility on Cain Street.



The Clinton Fire Department has used the training facility as the focus of most of their fundraising in the last few years. Chief Hoke says it will be a great asset to them but also surrounding communities for training.



Chief Hoke estimates the training facility is about 75-percent complete. Additionally, the Fire Department is coming off a very successful annual Daytona fundraiser at The Eagles over the weekend. We'll have more on that this weekend on Regional Radio News. 

Address constituents is a January theme for leaders like the President and the Governor and a local school leader decided to take on that same theme last month.


Superintendent of Warrensburg-Latham Schools Dr. Kristen Kendrick-Weikle created a video update of the state of the schools and pushed it out on social media for her communities to see. She updated the community on what the district is doing in terms of social and emotional learning.



The challenge of not having kids that feel like they have perseverance or grit was also a part of Dr. Kendrick-Weikle's address and outlining a plan for kids at school and what parents cand do at home.



Dr. Kendrick-Weikle indicates for community members that are interested in portions of the things she discussed in her State of the School, they can find a lot of that information on the district's website and if they have questions, she welcomes input and questions. 

A long-sought and hoped-for improvements to the intersection of Illinois Route 32 and Bruce-Findlay Road, near Sullivan.


 The intersection has often been the site of traffic accidents over the years that included the loss of life. The last fatal crash occurred in September of 2019. Two lives were lost. State Senator Chapin Rose discussed the improvements Wednesday.



While an agreement exists to make the intersection a four-way stop, no time table has been announced to add stop signs to the intersection’s north-south approach.

The Illinois Farm Bureau offering a reaction to Governor J.B. Pritzker’s budget address. Kevin Semlow is the organization’s director of state legislation.



The state’s fiscal year runs July 1 to June 30th.

Republican lawmakers continue to push back against the Governor’s plan to hold back about a billion and a half dollars in possible state spending this upcoming fiscal year. The Governor wants the reserve to come as he waits to see if voters approve his push for a graduated income tax.


Republican Rep. Avery Bourne says school funding shouldn’t be tied to getting voters to approve a tax increase on some residents.



Bourne says this will force schools to come up with final budgets before they know how much revenue they will have to spend. She wants to see a budget that meets the minimum funding level and doesn’t depend on a change to the income tax formula. She says that can be done with natural growth in tax revenues.

State Climatologist Talks Spring Flooding

Illinois State Climatologist Trent Ford has plenty of information to track as the spring flooding season draws near.



Ford is now in his six month at Illinois State Climatologist.

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