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A few weeks ago, Logan County officials held a virtual town hall to give residents the latest in the fight to keep the Logan Correction Center open.


The State of Illinois is doing a full evaluation of the facility after a needs assessment showed a total rebuild was necessary. However, a rebuild may not take place in Lincoln. Mayor Tracy Welch was a part of the town hall and wanted to message how the community can be a part of the fight to keep the facility local.



According to Mayor Welch, there is a process this all has to go through before a final decision is made on the future of Logan Correction Center. The Mayor and others will keep putting out where the process stands but he encourages everyone to stay up to date as it moves along.



The Mayor wasn't very impressed with some of the reasons for relocating the prison. The Mayor and others believe that the desire is to get the prison closer to other resources for inmates. 



Mayor Welch believes if the state is seeking to get the prison closer to other resources for the inmates, Lincoln is just as well suited to make those accommodations as anywhere.



Mayor Welch encourages residents and others to send their testimonies to COGFA during this time as they continue with the public comment period. 


There is information on how to do that on the City of Lincoln's Facebook page. 


Battling through the rain and elements, the latest facility at Monticello School's Wilkey Complex remains on schedule.


That's according to Superintendent Adam Clapp who indicates it has been impressive that any time the weather is good enough to be working, construction crews are getting things done.



Clapp reminds the facility will house a new state-of-the-art weight room as well as a concession and restrooms for the activities on that side of Kratz Road.



Long due for improvement is the parking lot on the west side of the football field and just off the entrance to the new Sievers Center. Clapp indicates that the parking lot is going to be paved this summer.



Monticello athletic director Dan Sheehan posts frequent photo updates of the facility's progress. You can follow on Twitter and Facebook by searching Sages Athletics. 

The Illinois Senate approved a budget coming out of the Memorial Day holiday and central Illinois Republicans are offering their responses to the highest spending budget in the State's history.


Sen. Sally Turner describes the budget as a misallocation of priorities. The Lincoln Republican calls out the prioritization of everyone but Illinois residents in this year's spending plan.



Rep. Dan Caulkins points to states around Illinois cutting taxes but Illinois raising taxes. He says a vote for the budget is setting up the State for failure.



As Lincoln fights to keep the Logan Correction Center, Rep. Bill Hauter says the neglect of the facility started years ago when the state did not prioritize its maintenance. He says the continued lack of attention could take the prison the Chicago area.



The $53.1 billion spending plan was approved early Wednesday morning by passing the General Assembly. Republicans criticize the overreaching state budget without Republican support and say it is $2.6-billion more than last year’s enacted budget and includes pay raises for politicians and a staggering $1-billion for non-citizens.

Weekly Crop Report

With more rain that rolled through Illinois this week, planting progress is slowly but surely getting wrapped up.


Just half the week was suitable for fieldwork. State Crop Statistician Mark Schluessner says rainfall totals were below average and excess soil moisture was down from last week.



Corn planting is nearly two-thirds complete while soybeans are just short of 60 percent planted.



Schluessner has an update on the winter wheat crop and hay crops...



Pasture conditions improved from last week with 85 percent in good to excellent condition. With still planting going on in Illinois, be on the lookout for those implements on rural roadways.

Storm season in Illinois often leads to downed power lines. One question that Ameren Illinois gets regularly is what they do when they receive a report about a downed power line. Rick Johnson is the Manager of Vegetation Management for Ameren Illinois



Ameren is reminding everyone that you should never approach a downed power line. Don't touch anything that is on top of a downed power line, and most importantly, call Ameren Illinois so they can come and safely remove and replace the downed line.

A state budget is one step closer to being approved and Republicans are slamming the largest state spending plan on record.


The $53.1 billion spending bill increases taxes on sports betting operations, ends a business tax deduction and eliminates the state’s sales tax on groceries. It also spends hundreds of millions on migrant shelters and health care for undocumented citizens. Republican State Senator Don DeWitte says its too much spending and too much revenue enhancement.



The approved budget also grows the state’s child tax credit. It now goes to the House for approval.

A new state budget should soon be passed. 


The Senate completed their work this weekend, approving the largest budget in the state’s history. It increases the amount of money spent on education; it raises taxes on sports betting companies. The budget funds services for migrants, it eliminates the state’s one percent sales tax on groceries. Democrat State Senator Elgi Sims says it’s a fair budget.



Two Democrats voted against it as did every Republican. The budget now goes to the House for approval. They return to Springfield – today.

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