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David Schaal, St. Peter, 04/10/2021

The shed doors opened up full bore, and a lot of activity is going on. Anhydrous is a big process that is happening, but the progress is at a slow pace due to product availability at co-ops in the are...

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Jeff Guilander, Jerseyville, 04/10/2021

Looks like the 2021 growing season is off and running. The four-day window last week allowed for some light tillage to all-out planting, depending on the situation. Most took the opportunity to get th...

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Brent Corners, Centralia, 04/10/2021

Some around here planted corn and beans; lots of fieldwork going on. Spraying wheat and burndown. Got ½ of an inch of rain Wednesday night.

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Kevin Raber, Browns, 04/10/2021

Planting season kicked into high gear last week. The ground dried out quickly. Planters have started rolling. Both corn and soybeans have been put in the ground. The only slowdown has been on extremel...

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Dave Hankammer, Millstadt, 04/10/2021

The pace of fieldwork increased as soil conditions improved last week. A few windy days and daytime temperatures of 80 degrees allowed fields to dry. Anhydrous applications increased quickly, putting ...

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