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Leroy Getz, Savanna, 06/19/2021

The dry weather is taking its toll on the fields that missed last week's rains. The yield potential will be down. Corn looks bad on these hot days. More hay and oat fields were baled this week. R...

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Dan Meinhart, Montrose, 06/19/2021

It was a dry and hot week. We finally got a break in the rain to allow us to do fieldwork. A lot of seed went into the ground both first time and replant. A lot of hay was baled,…

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Ryan Frieders, Waterman, 06/19/2021

We finished spraying all our crops with post-herbicide for now. The weeds seem to be growing faster than the crops. The corn is getting tall enough to shade in the rows so that should slow the weeds d...

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Dave Hankammer, Millstadt, 06/19/2021

The weather has been changing over the course of the last two weeks. The daytime temperatures have gradually increased up to the high 90s and predictions of reaching the 100-degree mark. We also haven...

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