2017 DeWitt County 4H Poultry, Rabbits, Sheep, & Swine Results


Grand Champion Hen- Reed Jostes

Reserve Grand Hen- Chandler Hunt

Grand Champion Cock- Chandler Hunt

Reserve Grand Cock- Reed Jostes

Grand Champion Meat Trio- Greg Toohill

Reserve Grand Meat Trio- Michael Toohill

Grand Champion Cockerel- Ty Smith

Reserve Grand Cockerel- Morgan Cisco

Grand Champion Pullet- Ethan Smith

Reserve Grand Pullet- Ty Smith

Grand Champion Other Bird- Austin Hunt

Reserve Grand Other Bird- Bethia Morrell

Champion Egg Production- Gavin Raines II

Prettiest Bird Award- Daisy Miller

Jr. Poultry Showmanship- Chandler Hunt

Sr. Poultry Showmanship- Reed Jostes

Champion Rooster Crowing- Morgan Cisco



Grand Champion Doe- Kayne Howell

Reserve Grand Champion Doe- Austin Hunt

Grand Champion Buck- Zion Hoffman

Reserve Grand Champion Buck- Kayne Howell

Best in Show- Kayne Howell

Champion Meat Pen- Paul Toohill

Reserve Champion Meat Pen- Greg Toohill

Best 4 Class- Kayne Howell

Best Opposite Sex 4 Class- Kayne Howell

Best 6 Class – Zion Hoffman

Best Opposite Sex 6 Class- Zion Hoffman

Champion My Pet Rabbit- James Toohill

Reserve Champion My Pet Rabbit- Katie Toohill

Prettiest Rabbit- Jasmine Brown

Jr. Showmanship- Josie Huff

Sr. Showmanship- Austin Hunt



Grand Champion Ram- Kole Weiss

Reserve Grand Champion Ram- Jalynn Ethington

Grand Champion Ewe- Taylor Crouch

Reserve Grand Champion Ewe- Taylor Crouch

Grand Champion Market Lamb- Kole Weiss

Reserve Grand Market Lamb- Kylie Moubry

Champion Pair Market Lambs- Kole Weiss

Champion Rate of Gain- Kylie Moubry

Reserve Champion Rate of Gain- Kayne Howell

Jr. Showmanship- Taylor Crouch

Int. Showmanship- Kloe Weiss

Sr. Showmanship- Kole Weiss

Champion Wether- Kylie Moubry

Reserve Champion Wether- Kylie Moubry

Champion Market Ewe- Kolby Weiss

Reserve Champion Market Ewe- Kole Weiss

Champion Crossbred Ewe- Jasmine Brown



Champion Berkshire Gilt- Brett Young

Reserve Champion Berkshire Gilt- Isabel Pistorius

Champion Chester White Gilt- Ty Smith

Reserve Champion Chester White Gilt- Faith Kiesling

Champion Duroc Gilt- Ethan Smith

Reserve Champion Duroc Gilt- Cole Young

Champion Hampshire Gilt- Davis Howell

Reserve Champion Hampshire Gilt- Drew Stacey

Champion Poland China Gilt- Leah Mills

Champion Spot Gilt- Cole Young

Reserve Champion Spot Gilt- Drew Stacey

Champion Yorkshire Gilt- Brett Young

Reserve Yorkshire Gilt- Emma Pistorius

Champion Crossbred Gilt- Sarah Mills

Reserve Champion Crossbred Gilt- Brett Young

Champion Pair of Gilts- Davis Howell

Champion Berkshire Barrow- Cole Young

Reserve Champion Berkshire Barrow- Davis Howell

Champion Chester White Barrow- Alex Smith

Reserve Champion Chester White Barrow- Faith Kiesling

Champion Duroc Barrow- Davis Howell

Reserve Champion Duroc Barrow- Ty Smith

Champion Hampshire Barrow- Davis Howell

Reserve Champion Hampshire Barrow- Brett Young

Champion Poland China Barrow- Emma Pistorius

Champion Spot Barrow- Charles Schlickman

Reserve Champion Spot Barrow- Emma Pistorius

Champion Yorkshire Barrow- Alex Smith

Reserve Yorkshire Barrow- Kali Walker

Champion Crossbred Barrow- Sarah Mills

Reserve Champion Crossbred Barrow- Leah Mills

Champion AOB Barrow- Jacob Wenke

Jr. Showmanship- Brett Young

Reserve Jr. Showmanship- Emma Pistorius

Sr. Showmanship- Anna Mills

Reserve Sr. Showmanship- Kali Walker

Champion Pair of Barrow- Davis Howell

Reserve Champion Pair of Barrows- Kali Walker

Champion Breeder Feeder Littler- James Ferguson

Grand Champion Gilt- Ethan Smith

Reserve Grand Champion Gilt- Brett Young

Third Place Overall Gilt- Cole Young

Fourth Place Overall Gilt—Drew Stacey

Fifth Place Overall Gilt- Cole Young

Grand Champion Barrow- Sarah Mills

Reserve Grand Champion Barrow- Davis Howell

Third Place Overall Barrow- Cole Young

Fourth Place Overall Barrow- Leah Mills

Fifth Place Overall Barrow- Ty Smith

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