The Farm Show With Jared White - Schedule 10/14/19 to 10/18/19

On the Show next week....


10/14 am (6:40a & 1:07p on WHOW)
Scott Durbin – Central Christian County Harvest Report


10/14 noon (12:20p & 4:35p on WHOW)
Jake Lieb – Southern Piatt County Harvest Report


10/15 am
Molly Pelzer – New CEO of Midwest Dairy


10/15 noon
Jeff Brown – Southern Macon County Harvest Report


10/16 am
David Brown – Western Macon County Harvest Report


10/16 noon
Ken Franklin – Western Christian County Harvest Report


10/17 am
Jim Reed – Northern Piatt County Harvest Report


10/17 noon
Nathan Wentworth – Western Macon County Harvest Report


10/18 am
Bryan Sharp – Central Christian County Harvest Report


10/18 noon
Kyle Meece – Innovative Agronomy Lead w/ United Prairie





Wet Weather Possible For Fall and Winter

After a challenging start to the 2019 growing season, September precipitation patterns split the state with repeated heavy rainfall in northern Illinois, while south of I-72 saw less than half of normal rainfall. Temperatures were above average allowing for the crucial accumulation of growing day units late in the season before the first frost. Cold weather is coming behind a powerful winter storm on Oct. 10-13 that will likely bring frost to the northern parts of Illinois, but the biggest challenge through October might be frequent rainfall.
Keep a close eye on the Pacific Ocean this fall as a “Modoki” EL Niño sets up with cool water off South America, but warm water in the central Pacific. This, combined with a warm north Pacific Ocean and the strongest positive Indian Ocean Dipole in recent years will likely produce a strong subtropical jet stream. If these features dominate the flow of the atmosphere, expect a very active and potentially wet start to winter for Illinois farms in November and December.


Aaron Johnson Named Interim Farm Credit Illinois President

Following the unexpected passing of president & CEO Tom Tracy last month, the Association's leadership succession plan was activated and Aaron Johnson was named interim CEO by the FCI Board of Directors. On Oct. 10, the Board held a special meeting to finalize a selection process for naming FCI's next permanent CEO.

"As challenging as the loss of Tom has been for this organization, the Board is absolutely confident in the steady and competent leadership of Aaron and the senior management team at this critical time," states Eric Mosbey, FCI Board chair. "The Board commits to exercising due diligence over the coming weeks to name a permanent CEO."

"Thank you to so many extended members of the FCI family for the comfort and support expressed to the Association over the past few weeks," says Aaron Johnson. " It's genuinely humbling to continue building on Tom's impactful legacy at FCI as your interim CEO. We have an extraordinary team in place dedicated to Helping Farm Families Succeed - just as our members have come to expect."

With more than 32 years of Farm Credit career experience, Johnson served as FCI's executive vice president since Jan. 1, 2015.


In The Field With The 2020 Baum Chevy Silverado HD (PICS)








The Farm Show With Jared White - Schedule 10/7/19 to 10/11/19

Harvest is slowly starting to pick up steam.  Hopefully a full week of combine riding next week!  


On the Show next week....


10/7 am (6:40a & 1:07p on WHOW)
Matt Bennett – Bennett Consulting &


10/7 noon (12:20p & 4:35p on WHOW)
Adam Brown – Macon County Farmer & USDA Advisory Committee Member


10/8 am
Ken Ferrie – Crop Tech Consulting & Farm Journal Agronomist


10/8 noon
Brian Basting – Economist @ Advanced Trading Inc.


10/9 am
Heath Houck – Montgomery County Farmer


10/9 noon
Dave Steward – Western DeWitt County Combine Report


10/10 am
Shaun Tyson – Market On The Hill In Mt. Pulaski


10/10 noon
Randy Niver – Dekalb/Asgrow Agronomist in East Central IL


10/11 am
Matt Meisner – Farmers Business Network on 2019 Seed Pricing Report


10/11 noon
Gary Schnitkey – U of I Ag Economist on Incomes & Cash Rent






The Farm Show With Jared White - Schedule 9/30/19 - 10/4/19

Next week on the Show...


First combine ride of the season in the books!  If you'd like to be a part of this year's harvest reports, drop me a line at! - Jared



9/30 am
Chris Miller – National Weather Service


9/30 noon
Carl & Cole Newbauer & Shelby Cooper – McLean Farm Bureau Safety Day


10/1 am
Bob Lawless – Golden Harvest Agronomist


10/1 noon
Derek Martin – Logan County Farmer (Combine Report)


10/2 am
Joe Schuele – US Meat Export Federation


10/2 noon
Gail Sasse – Gail's Pumpkin Patch In Logan County


10/3 am
Travis Meteer – U of I Extension Beef Specialist


10/3 noon
Allie Reinecke – New DeWitt County Farm Bureau Manager


10/4 am
Dave Newcomb – IL Fire Service Institute


10/4 noon
Dennis St. Aubin – CHS on Propane






Farm Credit Illinois Mourning Unexpected Loss of CEO

Farm Credit Illinois released a statement Wednesday afternoon, that its 47-year-old CEO Tom Tracy, died unexpectedly Wednesday morning.


Here is the statement released by FCI Wednesday afternoon:


Dear FCI family & friends,

It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we inform you that our beloved leader and CEO Tom Tracy passed away early Wednesday morning from health complications.

Tom was an extraordinary executive with a brilliant financial mind and a kind and charitable heart. His leadership embodied the Association’s Helping Farm Families Succeed core purpose. Tom had an unwavering commitment to growing a financially strong cooperative for its farmer-owners – all while promoting an engaging and family-like work culture.

Tom joined the Association 10 years ago and began serving as President & CEO in 2015. Prior to joining FCI, he worked 20 years in banking and served as a senior officer and board member of a publicly traded financial institution. He received an undergraduate degree from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and a master's degree in business administration from Eastern Illinois University. He obtained certifications from various banking programs and in risk management from the Kellogg School of Business. Tom served on the board of the Kirby Hospital Foundation in Monticello.

Tom is survived by his parents Thomas and Paula Tracy, of Ivesdale, and his wife Erin and children – Alex and Maggie, of rural Piatt County.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Tom’s extended family and his many dear friends and colleagues.

Yours sincerely,
Eric Mosbey
Chair, Board of Directors
Aaron Johnson
Interim President & CEO


Funeral arrangements are pending.


The Farm Show With Jared White - Schedule 9/23/19 - 9/27/19


Harvest is slowly beginning across central Illinois.  Hoping to start riding in some combines within the next week!  If your farm would like to be featured on our Combine Reports this fall, just shoot me an email at!  J


Next week on the show....


9/23 am (6:40a & 1:07p on WHOW)
Eric Snodgrass - Atmospheric Scientist w/ Nutrien Ag Solutions


9/23 noon (12:20p & 4:35p on WHOW)
Jeff Scott – Christian County Farmer Bringing SILO Movie To Pana 9/26  &
Sam Goldberg – SILO Producer


9/24 am
Nic Hustede – FMC Agronomist  &
Marc Burns – CaseIH on Sprayers


9/24 noon
Andy Thompson – Yetter Farm Equipment  &
Mike Van Horn – J&M Manufacturing


9/25 am
Matt Montgomery – Pioneer Agronomist


9/25 noon
Tom Scheff – Golden Harvest  &
Nolan Paxton – FMC on 3D Thrive


9/26 am
Lance Brown – GSI  &
Bill Webber – CaseIH on Tractors


9/26 noon
Alex Saleznov – National Hemp Association  &
Scott Youngman – Corteva on Enlist


9/27 am
Kim Wideman – New Holland  &
Eric Broadbent - Kinze


9/27 noon
Justin Kaufman – Precision Plant  &
Liz Knutson - Pioneer on Corn






The Farm Show With Jared White - Schedule 9/16/19 - 9/20/19


Next Week on the Show....


9/16 am (6:40a & 1:07p on WHOW)
Rod Stoll – Farm Credit Illinois - Farm Safety Week &
Maroa-Forsyth FFA - Drone Safety 


9/16 noon (12:20p & 4:35p on WHOW)
Greg Souder – 360 Yield Center &
Allen O'Strauss – Clauss


9/17 am
Andrew Sunderman – Fendt &
Mike Koenings – Corteva


9/17 noon
Dave Newcomb – IL Fire Service Institute


9/18 am
Ed Wassum – National Hemp Association & CO Farmer


9/18 noon
Michael Flintoff – MacDon &
Josh Sauder – Granular


9/19 am
Kaitlyn Bissonette – SCN Coalition &
Kevin Kersey – Roxor


9/19 noon
Greg Thompson – Sentera &
Tom Davis – AgDirect


9/20 am
Ryan Hough – John Deere &
Pete Itenburk – Dekalb


9/20 noon
Sam Goldberg – SILO Producer &
Raimi Pittinger – KY Farmer






Perception of the Illinois State Fair from a City Teenager

NOTE;  Rebecca Wiggins is a Taylorville teenager that enjoys writing.  She shared with us, her perception of being a city girl while attending last month's Illinois State Fair.  Her story is below.

--Randal J. Miller, President,


Last year, I had the opportunity to explore the agricultural aspects of the Illinois State Fair. I learned many things I hadn't previously known, and the experience was a great way to educate myself on the importance of agriculture in our community. This year, I wanted to continue to expand my knowledge by seeing some of the key agricultural sights the fair had to offer.


The Agriculture Tent seemed like the perfect place to start, for obvious reasons. It gave an excellent opportunity to learn about some of the specialty crops grown in Illinois, as well as watch demonstrations, and speak to experienced farmers about their day-to-day routines. There was also an activity primarily used to see if you had the strength to pull someone out of a grain bin. I suppose this wasn't an issue I had ever thought about, but after reading up on the topic, and also having someone speak to me on the importance of grain bin safety, I can understand the significance of knowing how to properly enter a grain bin, if need be. The Agriculture Tent also held hidden gems, like sweet corn, and delicious apple cider slushies! 


If you ever get hungry at the Illinois State Fair, one of the best places to be is the Illinois Pork Producers Booth. There you will find incredible pork chop sandwiches and savory baked potatoes. The Illinois Pork Producers also offer a variety of educational resources to help everyone understand where our food comes from, as well as how important pork production is. Illinois is ranked fourth in the country in terms of pork production, and this creates approximately ten thousand five hundred jobs. Over eight million pigs are raised in Illinois annually, which amounts to around two billion pounds of pork. 


Conservation World is a great place to learn more about wildlife in Illinois. This year, I decided to focus on fish and bees, two of the primary exhibits that were shown there. I learned about the value of pollination, and how we can help to create a functional ecosystem for pollinators to encourage them to live in our neighborhoods. In terms of fish, I was able to view a tank filled with Illinois native species and talk to experts on the topic.


Overall, the Illinois State Fair is always a fantastic place to educate yourself on the importance of agriculture, and you can have fun in the process!


The Farm Show With Jared White - Schedule 9/9/19 - 9/13/19

Next week on the Show....


9/9 am (6:40a & 1:07p on WHOW)
Lance Tarchione – Dekalb Agronomist


9/9 noon (12:20p & 4:35p on WHOW)
Steve Nicholson – RaboAgrifinance & Brock Helgerson – Channel Seed


9/10 am
IL Senator Chapin Rose & David Palmer – Kubota


9/10 noon
Mike Warner – Wyffels & Jess Smithers – Richland Community College


9/11 am
Danny Himes – LG Seeds & Dave Bickett – Hotsy


9/11 noon
Erica Stark – National Hemp Association


9/12 am
Charles Baron – Farmers Business Network 


9/12 noon
Jerry Toohill – Stone Seed & Craig Hunt – AGI


9/13 am
Tim Norris – SmartAg & Lisa Bachlege – Morton Buildings


9/13 noon
Tony McClellan – CaseIH Planters & Brandon Milligan – Windsor FFA





The Farm Show With Jared White - Schedule 9/2/19 - 9/6/19

Next week on the Show....



9/2 am (6:40a & 1:07p on WHOW)
U.S. Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue - Ag Policy Forum @ FPS (Pt 1)


9/2 noon (12:20p & 4:35p on WHOW)
Matt Jungmann – National Events MGR @ Farm Progress


9/3 am
U.S. Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue - Ag Policy Forum @ FPS (Pt 2)


9/3 noon
Matt Bennett – Bennett Consulting & Hanna Lyon – Maroa-Forsyth FFA


9/4 am
U.S. Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue - Ag Policy Forum @ FPS (Pt 3)


9/4 noon
Clint Bowyer – NASCAR & Alex Bowman – NASCAR & Todd Kubli – Nationwide Insurance


9/5 am
U.S. Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue - Ag Policy Forum @ FPS (Pt 4)


9/5 noon
Karl Setzer – Agrivisor & Eric Broadbent – Kinze


9/6 am
Tom Tracy – Farm Credit IL & John Schartmann – Pioneer


9/6 noon
Stephanie Porter – Agronomist w/ Golden Harvest





More Interviews from Farm Progress Show August 29, 2019 Coverage with Jared White

Here are more interviews local farm broadcaster Jared White did with vendors and officials at the Farm Progress Show on August 29:


Matt Jungmann, National Events Manager, Farm Progress



Kaitlyn Bissonette, SCN Coalition



Mike Warner, Wyffels Hybrids



Nic Hustede, agronomist with FMC



Nolan Paxton, Thrived with FMC



Stephanie Porter, local ag agronomist with Golden Harvest



Tom Scheff, Golden Harvest





More Interviews From Farm Progress Show Coverage

Here are more interviews our local farm broadcaster Jared White did from the Farm Progress Show:


Tom Tracy, CEO, Farm Credit Illinois



David Palmer, Kubota



Alex Bowman, NASCAR driver appearing at the Nationwide Insurance exhibit



Todd Kubli, Nationwide Insurance



Greg Thompson, Sentera, on drones



Mike Koenigs, Corteva on Tru Choice



Scott Youngman, Corteva on Enlist



Josh Sauder, Granular



Mike Van Horn, J&M



Eric Broadbent, Kinze



Michael Flintoff, MacDon



Alex Saleznor, National Hemp Association on CBD



Ed Wassum, farmer with National Hemp Association



Erica Stark, National Hemp Association



John Schartman, Pioneer, on soybeans



Liz Knutson, Pioneer, on corn



Justin Kauffman, Precision Plant



comments Originates Its Extended Noon Farm Show from Beck's Hybrids Exhibit originated an Extended Noon Farm Show during the 3 days of the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, from the Beck's Hybrids exhibit on the west side of Progress City.


Local farm broadcaster Jared White (right) anchored each day's show, interviewing Beck's Hybrid's personnel.  At the right is Mark Voors, Beck's Area Team Lead, who was interviewed on today's Extended Noon Farm Show.


Day 3 of the Farm Progress Show Greeted with Beautiful Weather

Beautiful, clear skies and temperatures in the 70's, greeted attendees of day 3 of the Farm Progress Show in Decatur today.


The show continues until 4pm this afternoon at Progress City on the campus of Richland Community College in Decatur.




And, here was our home for our over 30 hours of LIVE coverage from the show.  Local farm broadcaster Jared White was on foot at the show during our coverage August 21, 23, and 26; and was on wheels on a golf cart the 3 days of the show.  Company president Randal J. Miller anchored our LIVE coverage from the BASF Media Tent at 6th and East Progress.


Central Illinois Car Dealer Bob Ridings Visits Broadcast Studio at Farm Progress Show

Central Illinois car dealer Bob Ridings visited the broadcast studio inside the BASF Media Tent, on Wednesday afternoon.  Ridings visited with host Randal J. Miller, about Ford's exhibit at the show, focusing on their popular F-150 pickup trucks.


Here's the audio from that interview:



Ridings owns dealerships in Taylorville, Pana, Jacksonville, Lincoln, Decatur, and Monticello.


Big Crowds Greet Day 2 of Farm Progress Show on Wednesday

Big crowds and beautiful weather greeted day 2 of the Farm Progress Show in Decatur on Wednesday.



US Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue Holds News Conference at Farm Progress Show

US Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue held a news conference at the BASF Media Tent during the Farm Progress Show on Wednesday.  He fielded many questions from both farm broadcasters and reporters on a host of subjects important to agriculture, including trade, refinery waivers, and livestock.   Here is the unedited audio of Perdue's news conference:




13th Congressional District Congressman Rodney Davis Hosts Ag Policy Forum at Farm Progress Show, Features US Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue


13th Congressional District Congressman Rodney Davis hosted an Ag Policy Forum at Richland Community College in Decatur on Wednesday, as part of the Farm Progress Show.



Featured speaker was United States Ag Secretary Sonny Purdue, who talked about the ongoing trade talks with China and how it's affecting local farmers.



The by-invitation only event attracted a standing-room-only crowd of farmers and residents.


More Interviews from Farm Progress Show August 27, 2019 PM Coverage with local farm broadcaster Jared White

Here are more interviews Jared did that were featured in our on-air coverage:


AGI Craig Hunt



Bill Webber, Case IH on tractors



Mark Burns, Case IH on sprayers



Tony McLellan, Case IH on planters



Clint Bowyer, NASCAR driver who was at the Dekalb exhibit



Charles Baron, Farmers Business Network



Hanna Lyon, Maroa FFA



Kimberly Widerman, New Holland



Kevin Kersey, Roxor




More Interviews from Farm Progress Show August 27, 2019 PM Coverage

Here are more interviews that our local farm broadcaster Jared White did the afternoon of August 27 at the Farm Progress Show:


Tom Davis with Ag Direct and Farm Credit Illinois



Karl Setzer with AgriVisor



Ryan Hough with John Deere



Steve Nicholson with RaboAgriFinance



Raimi Pottinger, the Kentucky farmer whose farm was featrured in the movie "Silo" being previewed at the Farm Progress Show



"Silo" movie producer Sam Goldberg



Andy Thompson with Yetter




More Interviews from Farm Progress Show August 27, 2019 Coverage

Here are more interviews from our Farm Progress Show coverage on August 27th:


Lance Tarchione, local agronomist with Dekalb Asgrow



Pete Itenburk with Dekalb Asgrow



Andrew Sunderman with Fendt Tractors



Lance Brown with GSI



Matt Bennett with Bennett Consulting and Channel Seeds




Quail and Upland Game Alliance Represented at Farm Progress Show

We visited with Jerry Johnson, regional director for the Quail and Upland Game Alliance, on how they work with farmers in Illinois.


Their booth is in the Varied Industries Tent at 5th and West Progress.


Big Crowds Turn Out for Day 1 of Farm Progress Show

The gates opened at 8 o'clock this morning, and the sun came from behind the clouds at 9:30.  The crowds responded!  


Exhibitors report great foot traffic on Tuesday morning.


Local Weather