Farm Show Schedule - 2/6 - 2/10/23

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2/6 am
Shelley Finfrock – DeWitt County Soil & Water Conservation District


2/6 noon
LIVE @ DeWitt County Farm Bureau


2/7 am
Matt Bennett – 


2/7 noon
Chase Brown – Midwest Grass & Forage


2/8 am
Stephanie Porter – Outreach Agronomist w/ IL Soybean Association


2/8 noon
Alec Myers – Manager @ Christian County Farm Bureau 


2/9 am
Sherri Tomhave – Crop Insurance Specialist @ Farm Credit Illinois  &
Eric Benning – Benning Distributing on TuaTarra UTV's


2/9 noon
Josiah Klokkenga – LG Seeds &
JC Rightmeyer – I&I Tractor Club


2/10 am
Brady Holst – At Large Director @ Illinois Soybean Association 
& Janet Porter – Owner & CCA @ RPM Soils in Piatt County


2/10 noon
Jim Wiesemeyer – D.C. Policy Analyst – Pro Farmer & Farm Journal


Farm Show Schedule - 1/30 & 2/3/23

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1/30 am
Elliott Lagacy – IL Dept of Ag   &
Corey Mulbauer – Agronomy Lead in R&D @ Precision Planting

1/30 noon
Mark Gebhards – Dir. Of Govt. Affairs & Commodities @ IL Farm Bureau

1/31 am
Jason Stoller – Product Manager @ Precision Planting

1/31 noon
Mitchell Hora – SE Iowa Farmer & CEO @ Continuum Ag

2/1 am
Jennifer Smith – IAA Foundation Scholarships

2/1 noon
Taylor Crouch & Jackson Wallen - Maroa-Forsyth FFA

2/2 am
Lee Curby – Sangamon County Farmer

2/2 noon
Ashley Bruner & Steve Hasselman – Agoro Carbon Alliance    &
Ally Loshen – Harvest Solar

2/3 am
Tyler Barringer – DSM for Beck's Hybrids

2/3 noon
Luke Stuber – Product Manager @ Precision Planting


Farm Show Schedule - 1/23 - 1/27/23

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1/23 am
Gary Mahnke – Midwest Ag Expo @ Gordyville Preview


1/23 noon
Matt Bennett – Ag Economist @


1/24 am
Doug Yoder – Crop Ins. Expert @ Country Financial


1/24 noon
Kacie Athey – Specialty Crop Entomologist @ U of I


1/25 am
Harold Wilkins – Iroquois County Organic Farmer & Janie's Mill


1/25 noon
Bryce Baker – Marketing Mgr @ Precision Planting


1/26 am
Arianna McCann – Ag Student @ Heartland Com. College


1/26 noon
Joana Colussi – Research Associate @ U of I on South America


1/27 am
Justin McMenamy – VP of Disruptive Products @ Precision Planting


1/27 noon
Dr. Shalamar Armstrong – Prof. Of Crop Sciences @ Purdue University


Farm Show Schedule - 1/16/23 - 1/20/23

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1/16 am
Ed Shimon – National Weather Service in Lincoln


1/16 noon
LIVE @ Baum Chevy Buick in Clinton


1/17 am
Raelynn Parmely – Environmental Prog Mgr @ IL Farm Bureau


1/17 noon
LIVE @ Macon County Farm Bureau


1/18 am
Joe Janzen – U of I Farm Doc Ag Economist


1/18 noon
Raghela Scavuzzo – IL Farm Bur. & IL Specialty Growers


1/19 am
Miranda Buss & Dave Bishop - Heartland Com. College Ag Programs


1/19 noon
Jonathan Coppess – U of I Farm Doc Farm Bill Expert


1/20 am
Nick Paulson – U of I Farm Doc Ag Economist


1/20 noon
Doug Gucker – IL Coord. Of USDA Sustainable Ag Research & Education Prog.


Farm Show Schedule - 1/9 - 1/13/23

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1/9 am
Terri Miller-Casey – Extension Dir In Logan, Menard, Sangamon


1/9 noon
Karl Setzer – Brokerage Research Lead @ Midco Commodities


1/10 am
Tim Sullivan – Ex Dir @ Farm Rescue  & Riley Harbaugh – Pivot Bio Agronomist


1/10 noon
LIVE @ DeWitt County Farm Bureau


1/11 am
Steve Kessler – Shelby FB, Alex Norris – Christian FB, & Joe Zumwalt – Hancock FB


1/11 noon
Kris Reynolds – Midwest Dir @ American Farmland Trust


1/12 am
Don Guinnip – Clark Co Farmer & Chairman of IL NREC


1/12 noon
Molly Pickering – Deputy Dir of IL Stewardship Alliance


1/13 am
Corey Gradert – Farmers Bus. Network & Tom Heironymous – DeWitt FB


1/13 noon
Jay Tharp – 2022 Illinois CCA of The Year

Farm Show Schedule - 1/2/23 - 1/6/23

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1/2/23 am
Raghela Scavuzzo – Ex Dir @ IL Specialty Growers Association


1/2/23 noon
Greg Goodwin – Dir of Precision Conservation Mgmnt Prog. @ IL Corn Growers


1/3 am
Dan Buchan – Wyffels  &   Andy Bolsen – Moultire Farm Bureau Pres.


1/3 noon
Devin Bollman – Communications & Membership Mgr @ IL Beef


¼/23 am
Lindsay Mitchell – Dir of Communications & Marketing @ IL Corn


¼/23 noon
Aaron Johnson – President & CEO @ Farm Credit Illinois


1/5 am
Randy Toohill – DeWitt FB Pres.   &   Kent Bickett – Bureau Co FB


1/5 noon
Steve Pitstick – Chairman @ IL Soybean Association


1/6 am
Julie Hewitt – Ex. Dir @ IL Nutrient Education Council 


1/6 noon
Lana Shovlin – Communications Dir @ IL Pork Producers

Farm Show Schedule - 12/26 - 12/30/22

Next week on The Farm Show is our annual week long look back at the year that was....the Best of 2022!


12/26 am
Greg Doud – 2/22/22   &  Morgan Droz – DeWitt 4H 7/21/22


12/26 noon
Illinois Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton - 3/23/22


12/27 am
Jake Lieb – Piatt County Farmer - Planting – 5/24/22


12/27 noon
Chuck Hartke – Former Director of IL Ag – 8/5/22


12/28 am
IL State Fair Hall of Champions Kids – 9/1/22


12/28 noon
Mick Kowitz – Ryse &  Monte Weller – CaseIH  - FPS


12/29 am
Scott Durbin – Christian County Farmer – Harvest – 10/7/22


12/29 noon
Zippy Duvall – AFBF Pres. - NAFB  & Rich Guebert – IFB Pres. - IFB


12/30 am
Leo Callvano – Solifntec & Preston Tolson – Augmenta – FPS


12/30 noon
Jason Lay – McLean County Farmer – Harvest – 10/17/22


Farm Show Schedule - 12/19 to 12/23/22

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12/19 am
Eric Snodgrass – Chief Science Fellow w/ Nutrien Ag Solutions


12/19 noon
Tyler Harvey – Moultrie/Douglas Farm Bureau &

Gayle Baker – IFB Young Leaders State Committee


12/20 am
“Sustaining Our Future: A Family Farm Story” IFB Documentary Conference 


12/20 noon
Derek Martin – Logan Farm Bureau &
Ryan Reeverts – IFB Discussion Meet Winner


12/21 am
Matt Cox – The Land Guys  &
TJ Shambaugh – Piatt Farm Bureau


12/21 noon
LIVE @ Macon County Farm Bureau


12/22 am
Kees Huisinga & Dr. Antoneena Broiaka – Ukrainians (Pt 1)


12/22 noon
Austin Rinker – Shelby Farm Bureau & 
Jenna Morrow – Pike-Scott Farm Bureau


12/23 am
Kees Huisinga & Dr. Antoneena Broiaka – Ukrainians (Pt 2)


12/23 noon
Mark Schleusener – IL Statistician @ USDA NASS


Farm Show Schedule - 12/12 - 12/16/22

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12/12 am
Chris Edginton – NCGA Chairman & Reid Thompson – Mclean FB


12/12 noon
Rich Guebert & Mark Gebhards - IFB Meeting Recap


12/13 am
Todd Holtman – DTN Analyst  & Katie Wilson – Montgomery FB


12/13 noon
Brady Holst – IL Soybean Assoc.  & Matt Heberling – Christian FB


12/14 am
Greg Goodwin – Dir of PCM Prog. @ IL Corn Growers


12/14 noon
Brad Uken – Champaign FB  & Amy Heberling – Christian FB


12/15 am
Mike DePaula – Taranis  & Chelsea Good – Livestock Marketing Assoc.


12/15 noon
LIVE @ DeWitt County Farm Bureau


12/16 am
Tim Stock – Macon FB  & Mike Warner – Christian FB


12/16 noon
Lance Irving – Leopold Conservation Award in Illinois


Illinois Farm Bureau Wraps Up Annual Meeting in Chicago

The Illinois Farm Bureau wrapped up its Annual Meeting at the Palmer House in Chicago Monday afternoon.


Director of Governmental Relations for IFB Mark Gebhards spoke to reporters following the close of the Monday delegate session ending the meeting for 2022.


Here is the audio of the news conference that includes comments from IFB President Rich Guebert and Gebhards:



Illinois Farm Bureau Premieres Environmental Documentary at Annual Meeting

Farmers and the agricultural research community joined forces in a new Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB)-produced documentary highlighting Illinois’ progress in reducing nutrient loss.

“Farmers continuously work to find innovative solutions for preserving our soil and to protect water quality,” said Richard Guebert Jr., IFB president. “We wanted to celebrate our farmers’ dedication to the environment, while sharing with a broader audience the trials and, in some cases, financial risks farmers take to conserve our natural resources.”

He added, “This documentary sends a clear message to various organizations and individuals working together on the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy (NLRS): Continue to remain passionately dedicated to improving agriculture’s impact on the environment.”

Centered around the Ganschow family in Bureau County, the hourlong documentary, titled “Sustaining Our Future: A Farm Family Story”, illustrates how three generations of farmers have approached sustainability. It also highlights the role of scientific research in the process and includes perspectives from Louisiana Farm Bureau on the hypoxic zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

During the filming of the documentary, Jim Ganschow unexpectedly passed away. IFB dedicates the documentary in his memory in respect and honor of the values and demeanor he lived by and the legacy he leaves behind. 

IFB debuted the documentary to its members Saturday, Dec. 3, during the opening session of its 108th Annual Meeting at the Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago. Viewers can now watch the documentary at:


"It has been such an honor and privilege to be a part of a documentary that shows that amount collaboration it takes to solve a single issue like nutrient loss,” said Michael Ganschow, who is featured in the documentary along with his father, Jim, and grandfather, Dean Ganschow. “As a 6th generation farmer, I realize the importance of implementing farming practices that will help improve the sustainability of our farm for future generations.

He added, “I think FDR put it best when he said that a nation that destroys its soils destroys itself and we as farmers feel a tremendous responsibility to implement practices that improve our soils and prevent nutrient loss."

IFB’s video and environmental teams partnered with farmers, county Farm Bureaus, researchers and other key stakeholders to film the documentary over the course of a year. Dozens of interviews and archival footage show the long-term commitment and continuous improvement involved in conservation.

The documentary also shows Illinois farmer’s progress in furthering the goals of the NLRS The strategy is a guide for wastewater treatment, urban and agriculture stakeholders to reduce the loss of nitrate-nitrogen by 15% and total phosphorus by 25% into Illinois waterways by 2025. The eventual target is a 45% reduction in the loss of these nutrients to the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico.

“Farmers throughout Illinois go to great lengths to preserve our soil and protect water quality,” said Lauren Lurkins, IFB director of environmental policy. “IFB staff wanted to go to those same great lengths to produce a video that showcases these efforts, the farmer spirit and the collaboration required to achieve the goals of the NLRS.”

She added that the documentary “does a great job of highlighting not just the policy issue at hand, but the work IFB has done to address nutrient loss and the personal stories of our farmer members involved.”


Hear today's news conference with Guebert, Ganschow, and officials from the University of Illinois College of Agriculture, here:



To read more about IFB’s environmental initiatives, visit

Farm Show Schedule - 12/5 - 12/9/22

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12/5 am
Ivan Dozier – IL State Conservationist &
Stephanie Porter – IL Soybean Association


12/5 noon
LIVE @ Illinois Farm Bureau Meetings In Chicago


12/6 am
Ryan Gentle – Wyffels Hybrids 
& Heather Thompson – Growmark


12/6 noon
Jeff Cooper – Renewable Fuels Association


12/7 am
Gail Stratman – Regional Technical Manager with FMC


12/7 noon
Richard Lyons – Montgomery Co. Farmer & ICGA Award Winner


12/8 am
Antonio Santos – FBN  &
Bill York – Farm Op Capitol


12/8 noon
Darin Lickfeldt – Nutrien Ag Solutions
& Cory Nickel – Indigo


12/9 am
Jim Rowley – Agriliant  &
Tom Trudoneau – Azotica


12/9 noon
Justin Risby – Tru Terra &
Paul Shaddick – Farmer's National Company


Illinois Milk Producers Present Awards Including Montgomery County Producer

Illinois Milk Producers Association during its 2022 annual awards program recognized two farmers who showcased leadership, stewardship and excellence in the dairy industry.


David Ruppert, of Montgomery County, is the recipient of the 2022 Dairy Industry Service Award. This award recognizes an Illinois individual who has shown exemplary service and benefit to the state’s dairy industry. Ruppert grew up on his family's dairy farm and first began farming with his parents in 1974.


Ruppert served on the Prairie Farms Board of Directors for 20 years. He also held a 16-year tenure on the Illinois Board of Livestock Commissions, a governor appointed position. Additionally, Ruppert has served on the Lincolnland Holstein Club Board of Directors and president of the Illinois State Holstein Association, among other leadership roles.


The 2022 Dairy Sustainability Award recognizes an Illinois dairy farm or dairy farmer who has made outstanding contributions toward innovative technologies and best management practices to improve environmental stewardship and economic viability. This year’s award recognizes Scheidairy Farm, in Stephenson County. Today, the operation is managed by Doug and Trish Scheider, fourth generation farmers, and Dan and Sarah Scheider, fifth generation farmers, who milk approximately 650 Holstein cows.


The Freeport dairy farm, which has a long history of farm partnerships, is a progressive and environmentally conscientious farm utilizing cover-crop best practices in addition to investing in their cow’s comfort. Their herd is consistently in the top 100 herds for energy corrected milk for Central Star Dairy Herd Information Association (DHIA) Coopertive, which serves Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana.  


The Scheider family also recycles water and sand in their barns. Water is used to cool milk and plate coolers, which allows the dairy to decrease energy use. After the milk cooling process, the water is recycled and used to clean the milking facility. It is captured and stored again, where it is used to wash sand in the sand separator. Sand laden manure is mechanically separated, allowing the dairy to clean and reuse the sand as clean bedding for the cows.


The Scheiders host many dairy tours to showcase their environmental efforts. They host an annual tour for medical students from the University of Illinois College of Medicine Rockford. Dan Scheider was also the first non-Wisconsin resident on the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin board of directors, which provides educational opportunities for dairy farms. 

Farm Show Schedule - 11/28 - 12/2/22

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11/28 am
Tom Brand – Ex Dir @ NAFB & Dean Meyer – US  M.E.F.


11/28 noon
Zippy Duvall – President of AFBF & Nick Huestedde – Tech Mgr @ FMC


11/29 am
Eric Snodgrass – Chief Science Fellow w/ Nutrien Ag Solutions


11/29 noon
LIVE @ Peoria Farm Show
(12:20 – 12:35p on Both)


11/30 am
Daryl Cates – Vice President of American Soybean Association 


11/30 noon
LIVE @ Peoria Farm Show
(12:20 – 12:35p on Both)


12/1 am
Tom Haag – President of National Corn Growers Association


12/1 noon
LIVE @ Peoria Farm Show
(12:20 – 12:35p on Both)


12/2 am
Rodney Weinzerl – Ex Dir @ ICGA & Megan Dwyer – ICGA 


12/2 noon
Terry Wolter – President of National Pork Producers Council


WHOW Named "Gold Affiliate of the Year" by RFD Radio Network

The RFD Radio Network, an agriculture network with over 85 affiliates across Illinois based in Bloomington, has named WHOW AM and FM in Clinton as their 2023 RFD Radio Network "Gold Radio Affiliate of the Year."


WHOW was one of the charter affiliates of the network in 1967, when it was founded by the Illinois Farm Bureau Information Division.


WHOW will be recognized by being provided media accomodations at the upcoming I-F-B Annual Meeting in Chicago, as well as in a billboard campaign next year.


WHOW airs over 8 hours a day of agriculture programming, with several hours a day coming from the RFD Radio Network.  It's AM 1520 signal reaches an 80-mile radius daytime.  WHOW programming is also heard 24/7 at 92.3 FM in DeWitt County, 106.5 FM in McLean County, and streamed 24/7 at its farm web portal


The station just celebrated its 75th Anniversary earlier this month.

Local Farm Broadcaster Jared White Conducts Over 20 Interviews During National Association of Farm Broadcasting "Trade Talk"


WHOW and WTIM local farm broadcaster Jared White (right), is just back from the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Convention in Kansas City.


White recorded over 20 interviews with ag industry leaders during the "Trade Talk" portion of the Convention last week.


These interviews will be featured in upcoming Morning and Noon Farm Shows on both WHOW AM-FM Clinton and WTIM AM-FM Taylorville.


White has been the 2 stations' local farm broadcaster since 2011.

2 Ag Voices Heard on WHOW, WTIM Receive Awards at National Association of Farm Broadcasting Convention

2 familiar voices in agriculture programming on 2 Miller Media Group ag radio stations WTIM in Taylorville and WHOW in Clinton, each won a special award at last week's National Association of Farm Broadcasting convention in Kansas City.


Stu Ellis (left), host of the long-running daily feature called "The Farm Gate", won the "Workhorse of the Year" award from the N-A-F-B.   Ellis has been an advocate for agriculture on-the-air and in print in Central Illinois for decades.  He also helped bring the Farm Progress Show to Decatur at the turn of the century.  


Ellis was presented the award by another long-time farm radio voice and NAFB member, Mike Perrine (right).



Ellis earlier this year won the "Illinois Agricultural Communicator Excellence in Media" award from the Illinois Soybean Association.



Another award winner at last week's N-A-F-B convention in Kansas City, was Rita Frazier, Director of Radio for the RFD Radio Network and another familiar voice on WTIM and WHOW, who won their "Farm Broadcaster of the Year" award.

Farm Show Schedule - 11/14 - 11/25/22

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11/14 am 
Clay Aylesworth, Walker Allen, & Evan Cooper – Mt. Pulaski FFA


11/14 noon
Karl Setzer –  Brokerage Research Lead @ Mid Co Commodities


11/15 am
Andrew Newberg – DeWitt County Farmer


11/15 noon
Alden Knodle, Kristen Mascher, & Nora Patton – Nokomis FFA


11/16 am
Taylor Crouch & Grant Simmons - Maroa-Forsyth FFA


11/16 noon
Anna Ziegler – Assistant Mgr @ McLean County Farm Bureau


11/17 am
Jay Tharp – 2022 IL Certified Crop Advisor of the Year


11/17 noon
Caleb Southern, Gracie Schaffer, & Anna Place – Blue Ridge FFA


11/18 am
Cameron Hanks & Jaden Baker - Heyworth FFA


11/18 noon
Raghela Scavuzzo – Ex Dir @ IL Specialty Growers Association


11/21 am
Julie Hewitt – Ex. Dir @ IL Nutrient Education Council


11/21 noon
Carl Neubauer – McLean County Farmer


11/22 am
Karl Probst – Coles County Farmer


11/22 noon
Ben Frech – National Ground Water Association


11/23 am
Steve Ericson – Ex. Dir. @  Feeding Illinois


11/23 noon
David Brix – Macon County Farmer


11/24 am
Travis Meteer – U of I Extension Beef Specialist (BO)


11/24 noon
Steve Wilkens – Agronomy Mgr @ Golden Harvest (BO)


11/25 am
Michelle Fombelle & Meredith Probst – Illinois Deer Donation Prog. (BO)


11/25 noon
Kelly Estes – State Ag Pest Survey Coordinator @ U of I (BO)

Farm Show Schedule - 11/7 - 11/11/22

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11/7 am
Lizzie Schafer – Taylorville HS FFA @ National Convention


11/7 noon
Paul Butler – Macon County Farmer


11/8 am
Brayden Robson, Wyatt Vaughn, & Gavin Ridings – Monticello FFA


11/8 noon
Travis Meteer – U of I Extension Beef Specialist


11/9 am
Elliott Burgett – Macon County Farmer


11/9 noon
LIVE @ DeWitt County Farm Bureau


11/10 am
Greyson Applebee & Gehrig Bunselmeyer – Maroa-Forsyth FFA


11/10 noon
LIVE @ Macon County Farm Bureau


11/11 am
Isabelle Arnold, Conley Schick, Chloe Bart, Brett Young, & Houston Stapleton - Clinton FFA


11/11 noon
Kelly Estes – State Ag Pest Survey Coordinator @ U of I


Farm Show Schedule - 10/31 - 11/4/22

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10/31 am
Mike Albano - National Weather Service


10/31 noon
Lana Shovlin – Communications Director @ IL Pork Producers


11/1 am
Randy Miller – WHOW's 75th Anniversary Celebration


11/1 noon
Jerry Toohill – DSM @ Stone Seed In DeWitt, Macon, Piatt, Logan, etc


11/2 am
KJ Johnson – President @ IL Fertilizer & Chemical Association


11/2 noon
Mark Gebhards – Dir. Of Governmental Affairs & Commodities @ IL Farm Bureau


11/3 am
Jeff Scott – Christian County Farmer

11/3 noon
Lucas Roney – Moultrie County Farmer

11/4 am
Steve Wilkens – Agronomy Manager @ Golden Harvest


11/4 noon
John Klemm – DeWitt County Farmer


Farm Show Schedule - 10/24 - 10/28/22

Coming up next week on The Farm Show....


10/24 am
Matt Hughes – McLean County Farmer


10/24 noon
Randy Toohill – DeWitt County Farmer


10/25 am
Susan Moore – Director of IAA Foundation


10/25 noon
Lance & Matt Muirhead – Macon County Farmers


10/26 am
Mike Earles – DSM in DeWitt & Macon Counties for Wyffels Hybrids


10/26 noon
Dean McWard – Christian County Farmer


10/27 am
Danny Himes – DSM in Christian, Shelby, Montgomery, Sangamon for LG Seeds


10/27 noon
Dennis Bork – Macon County Organic Farmer


10/28 am
Cole Frederickson – DeWitt County Farmer & USDA Ag USA


10/28 noon
Nick Tinsky – BASF & SCN Coalition on SCN Action Month


Farm Show Schedule - 10/17 - 10/21/22

Coming up next week on The Farm Show....


10/17 am
Ed Mayfield – Logan County Farmer


10/17 noon
Jason Lay – McLean County Farmer


10/18 am
Jake Lieb – Piatt County Farmer


10/18 noon
Nathan Clark – DeWitt County Farmer


10/19 am
Alan White – Macon County Farmer


10/19 noon
LIVE @ Macon County Farm Bureau


10/20 am
David Dorn Jr – Christian County Farmer


10/20 noon
Jim Reed – Piatt County Farmer


10/21 am
David Mool – McLean County Farmer


10/21 noon
Dave Steward – DeWitt County Farmer


Farm Show Schedule - 10/10 - 10/14/22

Next week on The Farm Show...


10/10 am
Ed Shimon – National Weather Service in Lincoln


10/10 noon
Matt Bennett – Shelby Co Farmer &


10/11 am
David Brown – Macon County Farmer


10/11 noon
Ken Franklin – Christian County Farmer 


10/12 am
Mike Warner – DSM in Shelby & Christian w/ Wyffels Hybrids


10/12 noon
LIVE @ DeWitt County Farm Bureau


10/13 am
Nick Tinsky – BASF & SCN Coalition on SCN Action Month


10/13 noon
Andy Bolsen – Moultrie County Farmer


10/14 am
Erin Glarner – Bayer Fund on America's Farmers Grow Communities


10/14 noon
Bryan Sharp – Christian County Farmer 


Farm Show Schedule - 10/3 - 10/7/22

Coming up next week on The Farm Show....


10/3 am
Karl Setzer –  Brokerage Research Lead @ Mid Co Commodities

10/3 noon
Mason Fesser – Nokomis HS FFA Advisor

10/4 am
Caitlin Mellendorf – U of I Ext Health Educator

10/4 noon
Doug Martin – Logan County Farmer

10/5 am
Kris Ehler – Champaign County Certified Crop Advisor

10/5 noon
Ken Ferrie – Farm Journal Agron. & Crop Tech Consulting

10/6 am
Chase Brown – Macon Co Producer & IL Beef Board of Governors

10/6 noon
Michelle Fombelle & Meredith Probst – Illinois Deer Donation Program

10/7 am
Lynn Curry – Scholarship Chair @ IL Agri-Women

10/7 noon
Scott Durbin – Christian County Farmer 


Farm Show Schedule - 9/26 - 9/30/22

Coming up next week on The Farm Show...


9/26 am
Brian Basting – Ag Economist @ Advance Trading in Bloomington


9/26 noon
Marc Risinger – Pivot Bio &

Leo Callvano – Solinftec


9/27 am
Susan Moore – Director of IAA Foundation


9/27 noon
Jeff Brown – Macon County Farmer


9/28 am
Matt Montgomery – Pioneer Agronomist in West Central IL


9/28 noon
Tim Burkle – Wyffels &

Don Gerrels – Pioneer Soybeans


9/29 am
John Tuttle – Brock Grain Systems &

Brad Baker – Springfield Plastics


9/29 noon
Robert Klemm – DeWitt Co Farmer & IFB Dist. 11 Director 


9/30 am
Terri Miller-Casey – Dir @ U of I Ext In Logan, Menard, Sangamon


9/30 noon
George McCrary – Wing It &

Dustin Bolic - Drago