Farm Progress Show Extends Contract With Richland Community College for Decatur Site

 From a news release from Richland Community College this morning:


Farm Progress is excited to announce its extended contract with Brush College, LLC., confirming Farm Progress Show’s biennial location in Progress City USA at Richland Community College in Decatur, Illinois. The contract enables Farm Progress to continue carrying out its mission to provide world-class ag experiences in both Illinois and Iowa for decades to come.  
“Since being selected in 2005 as the first permanent site to host the Farm Progress Show, the relationship between Richland Community College [owner of Brush College LLC] and Farm Progress has grown into a great partnership opening tremendous opportunities for the Decatur region and the companies participating in the show. We look forward to hosting the future shows,” said Greg Florian, Vice President of Finance and Administration. 
The first show at this world-class site, which was initially built in just 305 days, was held in 2005 and since then has continued to grow. In 2007 paved roads were added followed by three expansions of the exhibit field over the course of nine shows. Today, the site is comprised of over 300 acres and is a state-of-the-art open air convention center enjoying partnerships with numerous local, state, and federal organizations. The Farm Progress Show alternates between its two long-term locations in Decatur, IL and Boone, IA. Both show sites have carefully designed and developed infrastructures, offering convenience for exhibitors and show visitors. 
Don Tourte, SVP of Sales & Events for Farm Progress, expressed gratitude for the Decatur community’s support while addressing the core mission of the Farm Progress Show, saying, “We’re delighted to retain our location in Decatur and our partnership with Brush College to bring together the agricultural community.”
He continued, “By keeping our deep roots in both Illinois and Iowa, it’s an opportunity for us to continue our legacy and support of the industry.”
During last year’s show, Richland and FBi Buildings enjoyed a partnership featuring the raising and lowering of a new building that would be designated as the future home to Richland’s Agriculture program. Shortly after the show ended, the materials and roof for the 144x80-foot building were moved to the new ag building site, just north of the main campus. 
Jess Smithers, Director of Agricultural Programs, says this partnership created just another piece of the College’s commitment to growth of its agricultural program, “the new classroom and laboratory space will enable us to deliver high quality educational experiences which prepare and connect students to careers in Central Illinois’ largest and its most important industry – Agriculture.”  He also added, “it will be a key component in attracting and training the local talent needed to serve our agricultural community.”
Additionally, the show creates opportunities for Richland’s agricultural students to enjoy unique internship opportunities, giving them unparalleled educational experiences in their field. Students from local districts get unique opportunities as well, including Dwayne O. Andreas Ag Academy students who shared a tent at the show with Richland's ag program to sell raffle tickets for a quarter of beef and a freezer. The raffle helped them raise money for their program.
The Farm Progress Show will return to Decatur August 29 – 31, 2023. For more information, please visit:

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