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The lower levels of the Clinton school district have for a few years now, have had technology in the form of personal devices, mainly iPads in their classrooms.


Now the high school is evaluating where they want to go with a one to one initiative. Superintendent Curt Nettles indicates the discussion of late has been what devices would best meet their needs.


Nettles indicates the administration at the high school would like to bring the Microsoft Surface to their students. Nettles says the cost might set off a little bit of sticker shock when they purchase them.


For Nettles, the value of having technology in their classroom is a big deal. He says it will not only teach the students responsible habits, but he hopes it will prepare them for when they enter the workforce as mature adults, the ways to properly use technology in a professional setting.


Nettles says they could pursue allow their seniors to purchase the device they have used all through school at a discounted rate. He hopes to get at least four years out of each device they purchase and then get them on rotation.

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