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St. Rep. Tom Demmer, a Dixon Republican, says Gov. Rauner talked about the good things the state has going for it Wednesday. 
Those include a transportation system, natural resources, strong agriculture, and a capable work force. Demmer says there’s hope of Illinois getting out of its mess.
For Demmer, some of that hope comes from a willingness of people to cross party lines once in a while to get things done. And that’s something Rauner asked for.
Demmer says Gov. Rauner’s speech Wednesday is one of hope and optimism because of what Illinois has going for it.
Demmer, the Dixon Republican who just helped launch the bipartisan Illinois Future Caucus, says there are plenty of areas where Democrats and Republicans can work together as Rauner is asking.
He says reforms in education, criminal justice, and workers compensation are examples.

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