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2015 ended on a mixed notes across central Illinois when it comes to employment statistics. 
DeWitt County's unemployment finished the year at 6.2%, a slight increase from November.
For Piatt County, unemployment was down slightly for December, finishing the year at 5.3.
Unemployment dropped slightly in December for Logan County as well. They finished 2015 with a 5.7% unemployment rate.
In larger areas like McLean County, unemployment was unchanged from November to December, and finished the year out at 5.3%.
Macon County's unemployment continued a downward trend on the year, finishing the 2015 year at 7.4%.
Champaign County finished 2015 with a 5.4% unemployment rate, down from November. 
The State's unemployment rate was 5.9%, well behind the national average of 4.8%.

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