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The problems with contaminated water supplies in Flint, Michigan have caused many people to wonder about their own water supplies. If you are on a community water system, the Illinois EPA does regular testing, and your local water department should have updated test results. 
But, like many people, if you are on a private well it might be a good idea to check out your water quality. Dan Webb is with the Illinois State Water Survey.
That number is 217-300-7420. The Water survey will send you a test kit, you collect water samples and send them in. 
There are three main ways a well can be contaminated. 
First from surface water getting into the well. That’s a common cause of bacterial contamination. 
Second, problems can come from naturally occurring contaminants in the ground water, like arsenic. And then issues can come in the plumbing bringing water into the home. For houses built before WW2, lead pipes were common and can lead to lead contamination. 
If your water hasn’t been tested recently, the tests are cheap and easy.

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