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We are in the midst of the Presidential Primary season. This week in Iowa we saw some surprises with Ted Cruz winning the Iowa caucus on the Republican side and Bernie Sanders gaining a lot of ground to end up in a virtual tie with Hillary Clinton for the Democrats.

David Yepsen, who heads up the Paul Simon public policy institute at Southern Il University says we may see a lot more surprises in New Hampshire and beyond as both political parties seem to be redefining themselves.

The Illinois primary is in mid-March, and Yepsen says it may be very relevant this year as both parties may be in the midst of a battle for delegates when we get to the Illinois Primary. He suggests voters find out as much as possible about the candidate’s positions on Ag and rural issues so as to make an informed vote.

David Yepsen… Dir of the Paul Simon policy institute. To date, there has been no real polling of the presidential races in Illinois, but Yepsen says that will start after we the results in New Hampshire next Tuesday.

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