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When the President of the United States pays a visit to the State Capital this week, one political expert predicts the President will continue to tout a message from his recent State of the Union.

President Barack Obama will be in Springfield this week to address the Illinois General Assembly and political science expert Dr. Kent Redfield anticipates the President will continue his message of bipartisanship.

As for issues facing the State of Illinois, it is Redfield's belief the President will steer clear of those topics but he speculates redistricting reform and even term limits may come up.

For Redfield, what Obama does after his second term expires could be hinted at with his visit. He explains each President has their own course after they've left office and he says we might get an idea of what that will be for President Obama.

Redfield feels Illinois residents should recognize the President's visit for what is, something historic and special.

Hear the President's speech in it's entirety on The Big 1520 AM/92.3 FM WHOW and online at dewittdailynews.com. Details for the address are still being worked out. 

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