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Local Legislators Pushing Conceal Carry Laws Locally


Representatives Bill Mitchell, Adam Brown and Chapin Rose were co-sponsors of House Bill 148, which would have created the Family and Personal Protection Act and established a statewide standard for the issuance of licenses to carry concealed firearms in Illinois. However, the bill failed needing a three-fifths majority to pass.

Representative Mitchell says it is frustrating that there was a House majority and yet the bill still did not pass. He says they will now try for a local option. Where local county governments can decide whether they want their citizens to be allowed to carry concealed weapons.

[audio:concealcarry2.mp3]A Word From Rep. Mitchell[/audio]

While Gov. Quinn cites public safety as his reason for not allowing Illinois to grant the citizens the rights to carry a concealed weapon, supporters cite the same reason to allow it.

Adam Brown says it is about time Illinois joins the rest of the United States, as the last state to allow concealed carry laws. He adds Chicago legislators should not dictate the rest of the state's laws. He believes the bill can and will be passed.

[audio:concealcarry3.mp3]Adam Brown[/audio]

While Chicago democrats blocked the measure to allow statewide conceal carry laws, Rep. Mitchell believes this is not a partisan issue. He has received support from Macon County Sheriff Tom Snyder who is a democrat. He believes he can rally the support of his downstate democratic constituents.

[audio:concealcarry4.mp3]Mitchell On Bill Support[/audio]

Supporters probably will not see anything happen with Mitchell, Brown and Rose's proposed bill happen before next. Rep. Brown notes the statewide conceal carry bill that was voted down was headed by a Southern Illinois democrat. He believes downstate Republicans and Democrats can and will come together to get their bill passed.

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