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Recent Burglaries Has Authorities Reminding Residents To Be Aware

Local authorities are reminding citizens to keep a watch out for an suspicious activity in relationship to the recent burglaries that have taken place in DeWitt County.

3 rural DeWitt County homes were burglarized on Monday June 20th. DeWitt County Sheriff Jared Shofner believes the crimes are related, and are asking residents to report any suspicious vehicles seen in rural areas.

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The burglaries took place north of Clinton Lake and east of Highway 51 in DeWitt County. The burglaries took place during the day hours when the homes were empty. Authorities believe the burglars were after money, jewelry and electronic items.

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Authorities believe the burglaries in DeWitt County may be connected to some recent burglaries in McLean County. While the burglaries in DeWitt County were all in one afternoon, the McLean County burglaries took place over a longer period of time. Shofner says the DeWitt County Sheriff's Office is working with the McLean County Sheriff's Office to see if they can get any leads on these burglaries.

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Shofner is appealing rural residents to keep a watch out for any suspicious vehicles or anything that is not normal. He says even if you suspect something is wrong to give the Sheriff's Department a call. He says keeping an eye out for yourself and your neighbor is a good way to keep crime from happening.

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