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Clinton Schools Continue Moving Forward With Latest Technology

The Clinton School district's wave of the future movement continues this summer.

The Clinton Board of Education made a purchase of almost $166-thousand dollars to continue the upgrades of adding interactive boards into the Clinton school's classrooms.

With this summer's purchase of the 20 new interactive boards, the school's classrooms are now close the goal of having every classroom with an interactive board in them. Superintendent of Clinton Schools Dr. Jeff Holmes indicates he is excited to see this project continue on.

[audio:techagreement1.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

The interactive boards take the place of the traditional chalkboard in the classroom. They engage the students to interact in a way to better understand the material they are presented. Dr. Holmes says it is the always fun to see the kids of the district learning and understanding the material the teachers are presenting with the new interactive boards.

[audio:techagreement2.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

Dr. Holmes says teaching has gone to a media based style, and kids of this generation and future generations will be learning through technology. He says it his goal to give the students of the school district the opportunities to learn through the latest technology.

[audio:techagreement3.mp3]A Word  From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

Dr. Holmes notes the district takes part of the money from their tax levy and set it aside for technology purposes. He says technology encompasses anything from the telephones in offices to computers in the buildings.

The board made a lease agreement  for the purchase of school district technology with the First National Bank and Trust of Clinton at an amount of just over $165-thousand.

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