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Dr. John Warner Hospital To Get New Sprinkler System

The Dr. John Warner Hospital will be seeing some major work being done on the inside of their building in the near future.

The hospital has announced they will be putting in a fire sprinkler system. The hospital announced O'Shea Builders in Springfield will be the contractors for the project. Earl Sheehy, CEO of the Dr. John Warner Hospital, says not only was O'Shea Builders the low bidder, but they also had the lowest estimated time of completion for the project.

[audio:sprinklersystem1.mp3]A Word From Sheehy[/audio]

Sheehy notes the sprinkler system project is part of a compliance project in conjunction with the Life and Safety Code. He adds the hospital needs to have a full sprinkler system and right now they are only at a partial sprinkler system.

Sheehy says the project is going to involve crews cutting through the walls and ceilings of the hospitals. He says with that work, the hospital has set aside money for a contingency fund should something unexpected come up through the course of the project. He believes this way the hospital is prepared to deal with those unexpected issues.

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The hospital began funding the project several years ago. Sheehy says they are nearly exactly right with the amount of funds they had saved.

[audio:sprinklersystem3.mp3]A Word From Sheehy[/audio]

There is no exact start date determined at this time, however, Sheehy expects in the next month or so the project could get underway. He notes with the project a lot of the hospital will be blocked off. He also adds most of the construction work will be completed during the overnight hours.

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