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Important Clinton Lake Project Nearing Completion

An important project to help benefit the health of the Clinton Lake is nearing completion.

One mile of shoreline protection at the Clinton Lake is the focus of the project. The project has been in the works for nearly 4 years. Shelly Finfrock is the Resource Conservationist with the DeWitt County Soil and Water Conservation District. She notes the project is able to be completed because of a grant the lake received from EPA and then Exelon, the owner of Clinton Lake, matched the grant EPA gave. She explains the lake brought together experts to address the problems of Clinton Lake. One of the campgrounds keeps falling into the lake, she says this project will focus on fixing that.

[audio:clintonlakeproject1.mp3]A Word From Finfrock[/audio]

Finfrock says a lot of the project is to allow nature to do its thing and eventually the area will keep from eroding. She also notes the project will allow for cleaner water to run down the damn in the area and will allow for cleaner water on the lake as well.

[audio:clintonlakeproject2.mp3]A Word From Finfrock[/audio]

Finfrock explains the project has involved several organizations coming together to pitch in through various means and she says while it has taken a while for it to all come together, she has enjoyed the process.

[audio:clintonlakeproject3.mp3]A Word From Finfrock[/audio]

By the time the project is finished, almost three-quarters of a million dollars will have been invested into the Clinton Lake. Frinfrock says the rock placement in the lake should be complete by the end of July and hopefully by the end of the year the project will be complete.

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