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Social Security Recipients Seeing Changes

Social Security recipients should be planning for some changes in the near future.

Social Security for a while now has been promoting going to a direct deposit form of receiving monetary payments. As of May 1, new recipients of Social Security are already receiving their money via direct deposit. However, Social Security is just a couple year away from going to 100% direct deposit, and Social Security Spokesman Jack Meyers says those who are still receiving checks in the mail should not wait to make the transition. He explains receiving direct deposit payments is a convenient, quick and worry-free way to receiving benefits.

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When receiving Social Security benefits, being responsible in keeping the Social Security offices informed is very important. Meyers says if an individual has been on disability and they attempt to return to work, he says Social Security needs to be informed of that. He says some consequences of not informing Social Security of an individual returning to work is having to pay back over-compensated money.

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Meyers says it is the responsibility of the individual receiving benefits to notify Social Security of their return to the workforce. Because Social Security does not get a monthly total of each individual's earnings who is receiving benefits, Meyers says it may take them a while to find out, but he says they will find out. He encourages those who have or are planning to return to work to contact Social Security to get that information to them.

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Social Security officials encourage anyone with questions or concerns to visit their website at www.socialsecurity.gov. You can also reach them at 877-326-0108.

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