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Local Health Officials Give Tips To Stay Cool Through Summer Heat

The recent and upcoming heat wave can be a hazard to the health of all citizens.

The heat has local health officials concerned about residents keeping cool through the warm days, especially the elderly. Clinton Police Chief Mike Reidy encourages neighbors and friends of the older residents to keep an eye on them and check on them every couple of days.

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Staying hydrated through the heat is a key part in keeping the body temperature at a normal state. Dr. David Gregory of the Dr. John Warner Hospital encourages folks to keep themselves hydrated. He says while water is probably the best option, he says for the average person sports drinks are effective as well.

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In Illinois heat can feel even hotter with the humidity. Dr. Gregory encourages those who are recovering from surgeries or have weak immune systems to stay well hydrated. He also encourages folks to find access to air condition. Whether that be through cooling centers or finding family, he says the best thing to do during the heat is stay cool.

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For temporary cooling help, Dr. Gregory says a fan is a good tool to utilize. He explains it won't bring the temperature down, however, the circulation of the air will help in cooling the body down.

Officials say the best place to go during the day to get cooled down would be the Friendship Center. They also encourage residents to contact their local churches as well to find out if they are offering times to come in and sit in the air conditioning.

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