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Clinton Police Department Encourages Bikers To Register Bikes

If you purchased a bike from the bike auction over the weekend, the Clinton Police Department has a program you should be aware of to keep from having that bike return to the auction again.

Like a lot of items throughout houses and garages, bicycles have serial numbers. Clinton Police Chief Mike Reidy says that serial number can be registered at the Police Department. He says if the bike should end up lost or stolen, having the serial number on the bike will make retrieving it and returning it to the owner much easier.

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Chief Reidy explains the serial number should be on the bike. He says bringing the bike to the Police Department to get some assistance finding the serial number and getting registered is not a problem for them.

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Chief Reidy says bike thefts more often than not are a crime of opportunity. He suggests to those who frequently are on their bikes to lock them up in the garage or put them somewhere safe other than laying out in their front yard.

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Chief Reidy says taking a picture of the bike and writing down the serial number on the back of that picture come in very handy should the bike get stolen. He recommends doing that to more than just bikes as well. He says any valuables within a home, such as laptops, guns, and cameras just to name a few.

To learn more about the bike registration program, contact the Clinton Police Department at 935-9441.

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