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Clinton Police Department Receives Grant for New Vehicle

The Clinton City Council recently approved the purchase of a new squad car for the Clinton Police Department.

The car was able to be purchased thanks in part to a grant the Department received. Clinton Police Chief Mike Reidy says with the way the budget has been, there was not room to purchase another car. The grant is worth $20-thousand, and Chief Reidy says part of the grant is there is a 25% match from the city, but he feels like that is a good deal for the department.

[audio:squadcargrant1.mp3]A Word From Chief Reidy[/audio]

The cost of the vehicle itself is under the $20-thousand covered by the grant, however, Chief Reidy explains by the time the upgrades are made to the cars, the cost will exceed the $25-thousand needed to spend for the grant.

[audio:squadcargrant2.mp3]A Word From Chief Reidy[/audio]

According to Chief Reidy, the police department tries to recycle their cars every five years. He says as of now, the department has two vehicles with over 100-thousand miles, however, with budgets being tightened, he says right now, those vehicles are going to have to wait to be recycled.

[audio:squadcargrant3.mp3]A Word From Chief Reidy[/audio]

The City Council approved the purchase of the squad car with the grant the department received. Also at the Council meeting Monday evening, the Police Department gave a check to the council in the amount of just over $1600 from the departments bike auction this past Saturday at Clinton Auto Auction.

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