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Blue Ridge's Mansfield Facility Update

The Blue Ridge School District continues their preliminary steps towards updating the school's aging facility.

Early in the year, the Blue Ridge Board of Education took the first step towards replacing the Mansfield facility by transferring 1.4-million dollars into the district's Capital fund.  Superintendent Susan Wilson explains the next step is to propose to the public the plans for the facility.

[audio:mansfieldupdate1.mp3]A Word From Wilson[/audio]

The project has not received much feedback from community members. Wilson is optimistic to take that silence as a good thing, however, she says feedback from the public is very vital to the future of the project.

[audio:mansfieldupdate2.mp3]A Word From Wilson[/audio]

The Mansfield Elementary building has been something the school district has been looking into for a number of years. According to Wilson, the building is very old and out of date. The ultimate goal is to eliminate the grade school and add on to the Jr. High School, and she feels now is the time to move forward with the project.

[audio:mansfieldupdate3.mp3]A Word From Wilson[/audio]

Wilson says school board is aiming to complete the project without effecting the tax rate within the district. The district has been saving money for the project to keep from having to raise taxes. Again the district stresses public input is very important to the future of the process.

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