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Clinton City Council Could Move Soon On Demolition Of Property

The Clinton City Council could be moving soon on demolishing a couple dated buildings on city property.

On the 200 block of East Washington, the city has acquired the building on the corner, The Hot Spot, and the city will be looking to demolish that. However, there is another property the city owns that required some discussion Monday evening. City Administrator Tim Followell explains should the city decide to bring down the neighboring structure, the wall exposed will be a wall that was intended to be an interior wall.

[audio:buildingdemolishion1.mp3]A Word From Followell[/audio]

The City Council discussed taking some precautions before making the decision to simply tear the building down. The first discussion was whether to bring in a structural engineer to look over the building and decide if the building could make it through another winter, and if it could be tore down without harming the building next to it. Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peters says it is a tough decision the city has to act on very soon.

[audio:buildingdemolishion3.mp3]A Word From Mayor Peters[/audio]

The council is in negotiations to acquire the building next to the Wishbone, however, to this point those negotiations have not worked out for the city, so for now the city only has the building next to it. Followell recommended at the very least moving forward by bringing in a structural engineer and inspect the structural integrity of the building, as well as look for any other issues it may have before they tear it down.

[audio:buildingdemolishion2.mp3]A Word From Followell[/audio]

The City council authorized Followell to gather bids for the demolition of both buildings, and also to inspect the building to find if they can bring it down without effecting the Wishbone. The goal of the City Council is to eventually have the Wishbone acquired and to bring both buildings there down.

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