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Illinois lawmakers say they knew the 2012 state budget didn't have enough money for pay raises, or much else, when the legislature wrote the spending plan in May.

Governor Pat Quinn says not only can the state not afford $75 million dollars for the pay raises for 30-thousand state workers. The budget doesn't provide enough to pay the rest of the state workforce for a full year.

Democrat Frank Mautino says lawmakers knew that, and they expected Quinn would "manage" the money.

[audio:072511Mautino2.mp3]A Word From Mautino[/audio]

Republican David Harris says Quinn needs to show lawmakers that he wants to get serious about cutting spending, before the General Assembly will give him more to spend.

[audio:072511DavidHarris2.mp3]A Word From Mautino[/audio]

The governor says he's willing to work with lawmakers. But wants to "improve" the budget during the fall veto session.

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