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Clinton School's Budgets in Good Shape

School districts across the state transitioned from previous fiscal year to the current fiscal year earlier this month.

While a lot of schools are experiencing financial issues because of the budget woes of the state, Clinton schools administrators feel like they are in good shape financially. Clinton Superintendent Dr. Jeff Holmes explains if the state was able to live up to their obligations, the district's budget would be in the black in their fiscal year budget 2011.

[audio:clintonbudget1.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

Dr. Holmes says the district is planning on not receiving some of their payments in order to balance their budget and see where they are. His hope is to get the extra payments, however, they are not going to hold out hope after experiencing the lack of dependability from Illinois.

[audio:clintonbudget2.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

Dr. Holmes is optimistic the state will start to be more consistent in their efforts to make payments to the agencies and groups that are dependent on them for funding. The recently passed budget legislators put together sets aside money for payments to be made and the beginning of past due debts getting paid.

[audio:clintonbudget3.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

The new fiscal year budget for the Clinton school district began July 1. Dr. Holmes stresses Clinton schools are not as reliant on the state as many other districts. He also stresses, the goal of the Board of Education is to continue to function and provide to the students of the district without raising the taxes of its citizens.

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