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Clinton City Council Puts Consideration of Stance on Clinton Landfill Issue on Hold

The issue of the Clinton Landfill has been addressed and opposed by several local governments and organizations in the past several months, however, the Clinton City Council is not among those who have take a stand.

The current Council has not taken a stand for the simple reason: they have not been approached about it. Over two years ago, the previous Council took a neutral stance on the issue. Until July 5 of this year, the current Council, which features new members, including a new Mayor, has yet to address or be addressed on taking a stance on the issue.

Chris Coulture, owner of AREA Disposal addressed the Clinton City Council at their meeting last Monday evening. He explained to the Council the reason behind the proposed dumping of higher concentrations of polychlorinated biphenyls (bi-fee-nul), or PCBs, into the Clinton Landfill. He says AREA is looking to help the environment and the Great Lakes, which is where most of the PCB's come from.

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The DeWitt County Board as a whole has not voiced an opinion either in favor or against the Chemical Waste permit.  A clause in a 2008 contract with the landfill states the board will remain neutral on the issue. Coulture asked the City Council to not get involved and leave the decision up to the experts.

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In a letter written in April of 2009, the previous Council wrote the US-Environmental Protection Agency stating they left the decision up to them in hopes of the EPA using their best judgment. However, the current Council has recently been approached about changing their stance on the Landfill issue. Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peters said she would honor the request for the Council to consider a change in their stance.

The Council was to discuss the issue at their meeting last Monday evening, however, due to the absence of Commissioner John Wise, the discussion was tabled to their next meeting August 1. Mayor Peters made the decision because she wanted to have each member of the Council give input before a decision was made.

[audio:councillandfill3.mp3]A Word From The Mayor[/audio]

The I-EPA has already approved the company's plans to institute a Chemical Waste operation.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency continues to take public comment on the proposal through August 14th.  Citizen groups and governments from across central Illinois have voiced their opposition to the plan due the landfill's location over the Mahomet Aquifer, which supplies drinking water to nearly a million residents.

With all the information and opinions published and available right now, Mayor Peters acknowledged it would be a tough decision to make.

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