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DeWitt County Board Decides To Move Forward With Animal Shelter

The DeWitt County Board discussed in length the next step in building a new animal shelter facility in the county.

The board received a proposal from Architectural Expressions in Forsyth to discuss their services in an amount not to exceed $65-thousand. Jim Foust with the firm explained to the board the proposal they brought before the board was dependent on them building a masonry building. He said should the board approve anything other than that, they would not work with them.

[audio:animalshelterupdate1.mp3]A Word From Foust[/audio]

Up to this point, the process of getting the project moving forward has taken quite a while. DeWitt County Board Chair Melonie Tillie explains the next step in the process is getting the entire board's approval.

[audio:animalshelterupdate2.mp3]A Word From Board Chair Tillie[/audio]

Much of the discussion revolved around finances. Terry Ferguson discussed the possibility of building the facility and then not having it put to good use. He believes the county needs to know where they are financially before they put up the building because all of all the bills that will come with the new building will go up. Tillie says the next step is to simply work with the architectural firm to work on putting plans together.

[audio:animalshelterupdate3.mp3]Ferguson and Tillie Discussion[/audio]

Board Chair Tillie asked Finance Chair Ed Young for an amount to move forward with to begin working with Architectural Expressions on getting a design to move the project forward. Young put the limit at $350-thousand because of the rising costs associated with the new facility.

[audio:animalshelterupdate4.mp3]A Word From Young[/audio]

Tillie believes the committee is being conservative with what kind of animal shelter they are looking to construct. She says finding something cost effective and at the same time something that will last for a long time is what the committee is after.

[audio:animalshelterupdate5.mp3]A Word From Tillie[/audio]

The Board voted and approved the motion in a 7 to 5 vote, to accept the proposal from Architectural Expressions for architect and engineering services in an amount not to exceed $65-thousand.

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