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Regional Superintendent Fight Could Threaten Start of School

Parents have soon get a new reason to pay attention to the Illinois budget.

Regional superintendents in Illinois, who've been working without a paycheck since Governor Pat Quinn swiped the $11-million dollars they were supposed to get, say they can't guarantee schools will open in mid-August and early September.

Bob Daiber is the Madison County regional superintendent and the head of the state superintendent's organization. He said regional superintendents are guaranteeing one more week.

[audio:072711BobDaiber1.mp3]A Word From Daiber[/audio]

Regional superintendents are the only ones in the state who can sign-off on new school buildings, new teachers, new bus drivers, GED test, and truancy enforcement.

In DeKalb, Regional Superintendent Gill Morrison said if he leave, DeKalb's brand new, $80 million dollar high school won't be able to open for the new school year.

[audio:072711GillMorrison3.mp3]A Word From Morrision[/audio]

The Illinois State Board of Education says it can't pick-up the slack.

There has been talk of a deal to get the regional superintendents paid, but lawmakers may not be able to vote on anything until October. Daiber said that might be too late for too many superintendents.

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