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On average men live shorter lives than women – in part because men don’t give as much attention to their health, and they don’t get physical check ups and screenings on a regular basis.

Men have more chronic health issues than women. That’s because men drink more alcohol and use more tobacco products than women, says Dr. Harald Lausen, associate professor of family and community medicine at SIU School of Medicine in Springfield. He explains a common medical issue for men.

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Dr. Lausen says some diseases could be prevented or better managed if men didn’t put off seeing a doctor. Men also need to get the appropriate screenings and follow various health guidelines to take good care of themselves. They should know their readings for blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.

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Dr. Lausen advises men to stop smoking, get adequate exercise and manage their weight. He stresses the importance of eating a healthy, low-fat diet and increasing physical activity as the best ways to staying healthy.

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