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One local agency is looking to bring some business to the DeWitt County area.

The DeWitt County Development Council is looking for developers on the 80 acre portion of Clinton Lake. The land is owned by DeWitt County for over 10 years. Ruth Stauffer is the Executive Director of the DCDC, she explains right now they are looking for developers on the land to bring business there. The hope is for a tourist attraction, to bring business from outside of DeWitt County.

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The DCDC is currently seeking developers to come forward and express interest in the land, however, they have a deadline of August 20 for responses to interest in developing on the land. Stauffer explains should no one come forward expressing interest, the decision then has to be made what to do with the land. She says it could be put off or decide continue to market the land, which is what she believes will happen.

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Stauffer notes interest up to this point has been slow because of the difficulty to fund projects. She says they have gotten calls about the land from several parts of the US and even India.

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Stauffer says right now the goal is to just bring a developer in to bring business to the area and create jobs. She says should anyone come forward and be able to develop it would be several years away before the 80 acres would get fully developed.

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