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The Clinton School district has seen several projects and upgrades done to their schools throughout the summer.

One final project has just come about that will get underway and finished before the start of school in August. The High School facility will be getting some new concrete out in front of their main entry way. However, this is no ordinary block of concrete. Clinton Schools Superintendent Dr. Jeff Holmes explains during the winter months when snow and ice come, the main entry way can get very slick and he says they have even seen several people slip and fall. According to Dr. Holmes, the school will now see heated concrete blocks put in there to keep the area dry during the winter months.

[audio:heatedconcrete1.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

Dr. Holmes explains the process is as simple as removing the current concrete blocks, putting in new layers with an electric pad between the two, and in the winter when the electric pad is needed, they turn it on. He says it will keep the students, faculty and visitors of the high school safe.

[audio:heatedconcrete2.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

When the project was being investigated, it was discovered that electricity from the auditorium could be used for the electric pad between the two layers of concrete. Dr. Holmes says that will be a huge convenience in getting the project done quicker and not having to worry about bringing electricity outside.

[audio:heatedconcrete3.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

Triple K construction, who is doing a couple other projects for the district this summer, will be doing this project at a cost of just over $28-thousand and guarantees it will be done before the start of school.

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