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A reminder to local 4-H members, their records are due very soon.

Each year 4-H members keep track of all of their activities throughout the year and write them down in a document to show their club leaders. Sherry Fulton with the U of I Extension office in DeWitt County explains members keep track of almost every activity they take part in, which translates into an almost 10 page record keeping process.

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One of the biggest goals of 4-H is to develop responsible habits in young kids. Fulton says while 4-H records keep track of just about everything a member does from ages 8-19, while in 4-H, it lays the foundation for keeping track of things in the future, away from 4-H.

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Fulton points out for 4-H members who have been keeping records for a long time, they are very nice to have around when applying for scholarships for college. She says being able to look back and put that information in a college application is a great tool to have.

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4-H records are not due until August 29. However, Fulton encourages members to not wait until the last minute to get those started. She adds keeping up on them throughout the year makes things much easier when it comes time for them to be due. While members keeping records and handing them in is not a mandatory requirement for them, Fulton says they see a majority of 4-H members turn records in.

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