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Due to state budget woes, senior citizens looking for assistance may see major changes in the aid they receive in paying for prescription drugs.

Leann Sosaman, the Senior Outreach and Caregiver Advocate at the DeWitt County Friendship Center explains the state has drastically cut funding for the  program Illinois Cares Rx, the state prescription drug program associated with Circuit Breaker, which makes co-payments cheaper and eliminates the premiums. She says the program has cut 30-thousand people from the program.

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For those that have been eliminated, unfortunately there is not many other places they can turn. Sosaman explains federal requirements for designed to help with prescription drugs have even lower requirements than the state of Illinois. She says for now, they are on their own to pay for their prescriptions.

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The program did not get eliminated completely, which leaves some folks on the program. Sosaman says for those that remain on the program, they will see some major changes in their assistance. One of the major changes they will see will be their co-payments will double.

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With a lot of the seniors on a fixed income, many are very upset with the changes. The elimination of the thousands of individuals from the program came with virtually no prior warning and the state then sent out letters informing those on the program that they could no get assistance.

For more information on the elimination of the Illinois Cares Rx, you can contact Leann Sosaman at the DeWitt County Friendship Center at 935-9411.

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