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The topic of the Clinton Landfill was the center of discussion Monday evening at the Clinton City Council meeting.

The Clinton City Council had been previously approached about changing their neutral stance in regards to the Clinton Landfill issue, and Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peters put the issue on file to be discussed. After being tabled through one meeting, the discussion took center stage Monday.

Mayor Peters explained the process the Council would take in each commissioner making their statements in favor or against changing the Council's stance. The Mayor had the commissioners draw numbers to determine the order they would speak in, and fittingly the Mayor drew number one.

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Mayor Peters did her own research and found many differing opinions. She also polled residents, a majority in Clinton but a few outside of Clinton. She said most of them were not in favor of the proposed dumping of PCB's, or polychlorinated biphenyls, in the Clinton Landfill.

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Commissioner Jerry Milton was the second to speak. He said water is a valuable resource, and common sense should be used when trying to decide how to take care of it. He cited the many cities and organizations that have taken a stance against the issue.

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Commissioner Tom Edmunds took a different stance than the others. He reasoned the research present by the many parties are theories of what would happen should PCB's be allowed in the Clinton Landfill. He says you can make the results say what you want.

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Commissioner John Wise gave many thoughts on the issue. He said he wanted to protect the water supply and did not want anything to endanger the Mahomet Aquifer. However, he said if the permit was going to be allowed, he would rather it be three-times above the US and Illinois Environment Protection Agency requires, which is what the proposed plan shows.

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Nan Crang spoke to her experience touring the Clinton Landfill. She said she found the landfill very complete and thorough. She says the topic of earthquakes was brought through the duration of her tour of the landfill. She says she has no fear of the threat of earthquakes nor the potential dumping of PCB's into the Clinton Landfill.

[audio:counillandfill6.mp3]AWord From Commissioner Crang[/audio]

Mayor Peter's put the commissioners on the spot making them take an individual stance for the proposed resolution taking a stance against the dumping of the PCB's into the Clinton Landfill. Each commissioner excepted Commissioner Wise gave their stance in a swift manner. Wise took a few moments to gather his thoughts, and ultimately gave a "No" vote, not in favor of the resolution. The final was 3 against, 2 in favor of the proposed resolution to change the Council's stance, which will keep the neutral stance the Clinton City Council has on file with the US-EPA.

While Mayor Peter's voted in favor of the resolution, she was very pleased with the way the Commissioners went about conducting their research and presenting their thoughts.

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