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Two local businesses have merged forces.

Stephen Jackson, former owner of John Willoughby Computer Systems(JWCS) has sold his business to Chris Jones, owner of AC Computer Services, located in Clinton. Jones explains the sale came about as a result of Jackson receiving a job offer and wanting to keep the business local, he sold it to a local business owner in the same service offered in AC Computer Services.

[audio:jwcssold1.mp3]A Word From Jones[/audio]

Jones explains for the time being he will be running things with a two-man crew. AC Computer Services has been going since February, he says his hope is to begin picking up commercial clients and maybe doing some server work, and expanding the number of employees he has.

[audio:jwcssold2.mp3]A Word From Jones[/audio]

Jones says keeping business in town is not only good for the customers that AC Computer Services has, but also it is good for the local economy as well. He says the local business is a good opportunity for better service and a good opportunity for him to get to know his clients a lot better.

[audio:jwcssold3.mp3]A Word From Jones[/audio]

AC Computers was located at 104 East Side Square in the Ohio Building in Downtown Clinton, however, they will be moving into the JWCS office on North Monroe Street. Jackson will be working with Jones for the first month to make the transition smooth for both sides. Jones says he looks forward to serving his new clients as well as those he currently serves.

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