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As previously reported, the Clinton Landfill was the center of discussion at Monday's Clinton City Council Meeting.

In a previous meeting in July, Tom Redington came forward representing the American Legion in Clinton and presented to the Council a resolution they had passed in opposition to the proposed dumping of PCB's into the Clinton Landfill. Monday evening Redington came forward once again personally asking the board to pass a resolution. He proposed the question to the Council should the water get contaminated many years from now from the PCB's in the landfill, where do we get water from.

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In the previous meeting, Chris Coulture spoke before the City Council and asked them to not get involved with the issue. He asked the Council to leave  the decision up to the experts. Redington felt as though Coulture was talking down to the Council, and he took exception to him asking them not to get involved. Redington says it is the Council's responsibility to serve the people they represent, not a business they have a contract with.

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Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peters and each of the Commissioners then presented their research and gave their thoughts. Mayor Peters was the first to speak. Based on the research she had done, there were several things that concerned her. She says because of these concerns, it makes her wonder if anyone can predict the effects the chemicals may have in the future.

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The Mayor went on to say the Council has a responsibility to future generations of Clinton and central Illinois to not allow questionable substances to be near a major water source. She wondered who would be in charge of the landfill in 50 years and also expressed concerns regarding unforeseen weather disaster.

Commissioner Tom Edmunds spoke to his experience running the landfill in the early 80's when he was in charge the money and garbage. He says he the landfill was ran to meet the Illinois EPA regulations, but he say when the Coulture's family company bought the landfill, he says they went above and beyond what the I-EPA required. He feels the landfill is a great asset to the taxpayers

[audio:landfilldiscussion4.mp3]A Word From Edmunds[/audio]

Commissioner Edmunds also cited letters written by current US President, former Illinois Senator Barak Obama and Senator Dick Durbin to the EPA stating their concern towards the issue. Edmunds believes the City Council passing a resolution would not have any more effect on the EPA's decision than Obama and Durbin's letters of concern. He also believes passing a resolution opposing the goal of the landfill would risk hurting the working relationship between the city and AREA Disposal and potentially the EPA.

[audio:landfilldiscussion5.mp3]A Word From Edmunds[/audio]

Before Mayor Peters presented the resolution, which stated the Council was against the proposed dumping of PCB's into the Clinton Landfill, she made it clear the stance the Council would potentially take was not a reflection of their views of the Coulture family or their operation. She said their services were a separate entity and she had no issue with them or their service.

Mayor Peter's then put the commissioners on the spot, making them take a vote for the proposed resolution taking a stance against the dumping of PCB's into the Clinton Landfill. The final was 3 against, 2 in favor of the proposed resolution to change the Council's stance, keeping the neutral stance the Clinton City Council has on file with the US-EPA.

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