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Scovill Zoo in Decatur is in the process of expanding and renovating.

The Decatur zoo recently received the grant to begin the process of expanding with some new animals and renovating some of their existing exhibits. Ken Frye, with Scovill Zoo in Decatur explains the zoo received a grant from the state that will allow them to begin the renovations process and begin their expansion by adding penguins.

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The zoo needs to come up with the funds necessary to complete the project, and later this month the zoo will be hosting their second gala event. Frye notes event is a fundraiser for the addition of the penguins to the zoo. He adds the event is an opportunity to have encounters with some of the animals that are very rare. He says last years event was well received and hopes for the same this year, and if it is, the project could get underway next year and the penguins could be at the zoo by 2013.

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Frye says the zoo does not have any major plans to expand the amount acreage they currently have. He explains due to their surroundings, expansion for now is not something they see happening.

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While most think of ice and cold when penguins come to mind, Frye says the type of penguin the zoo is looking to acquire actually resides in Africa. He says the summer heat will not be a problem for them, but rather the winter cold may bother them.

The Decatur Parks Foundation Gala event "Zoo-rific Evening" takes place Saturday August 27. For more information or to make a donation you can call 217-422-5911.

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