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A local restoration project to a historic spot continues to make headway.

The Clinton Community High School Class of 1973 has taken on the project of restoring the old Roque Court into a park on West Main Street in Clinton. According to Cris Rogers, a member of the CCHS Class of 73 and project head, the city did what they could to keep up with the maintenance on the building, but it was going to have to be tore down, and that is where the Class of 73 stepped in.

Rogers explains the Class of 73 heard the building was going to be tore down and they conspired and came up with a plan and went to the city of Clinton with the proposal to help restore the Roque court.

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 width=Rogers says the project took a big step forward recently. With the help from a group of Bloomington Local 18 Area 152 concrete finishers and the concrete parking lot is complete. He says the parking lot is a huge addition to the park because it will take away congestion on the street.

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The project would not be possible without the financial support from the local community. He says despite poor economic times, the project continues to receive strong financial support from the community. He adds the court is seeking the donations of some other items, including a flag pole and benches.

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Rogrs hopes the Peace Park can be complete for a possible opening around the Apple and Pork Festive.

To help with the roque court project or donate money to help the project, you can get a hold of Cris Rogers directly at 935-8408 or you can stop at City Hall in Clinton on West Washington Street.

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