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Students in the Blue Ridge School district begin the transition into the school year by registering for classes Monday.

Something new to the Blue Ridge registration process this year will be the aspect of online registration. This will be the first year Blue Ridge students will have the opportunity to register online. Susan Wilson, Superintendent of Blue Ridge Schools says any existing student can do everything that would take place at a normal registration day online.

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Online registration is a trial run this year for Blue Ridge schools. Wilson notes the district will be shrinking the amount of walk-in registration days from 2 and a half to 1 and a half. She points out, any new students or parents with students entering kindergarten will need to either go to the high school on Monday, or their individual school Tuesday to register. Wilson is hopeful the offering of online registration gets taken advantage of this year.

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Along with being able to register for classes, parents will now have the ability to pay any fees their students may have and also add money to a child's lunch card. Wilson believes this will make things much easier on parents who would generally send money for lunch to school with their children.

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Walk-in registration will start Monday from 2-8 pm. Wilson notes this registration takes place only at the high school, however it is open to all students of any school. And then Tuesday, registration will return to the individual school buildings. Wilson believes being able to register online should make things very convenient for folks that cannot make it to the locations to register this year. She notes suggestions or comments about making the site more user friendly are welcome, she says the school wants to make the site as convenient as possible.

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