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The state's budget continues to be a hot button issue throughout the state.

Illinois recently cut over 30-thousand senior citizens from it's Illinois Cares Rx program, which provides low to moderate income seniors assistance paying for their prescription drugs. Earlier last week, Governor Pat Quinn signed the "Dream Act" into effect which creates a privately funded college scholarship for the children of illegal immigrants. Illinois Representative Bill Mitchell believes it is an outrage the state will take money away from tax-paying low income senior citizens to pay into a fund for those who have never paid taxes.

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Governor Quinn's legislation is aimed to give everyone opportunities and not leave anyone out. Rep. Mitchell says by cutting the 30-thousand senior citizens from Illinois Cares Rx, he is leaving the senior citizens of Illinois out.

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With the financial situation of Illinois, which has the worst financial deficit of the 50 states, Mitchell believes now is not the time to be cutting programs to the citizens of Illinois and the US, and giving out money to children of illegal immigrants.

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Mitchell believes the Chicago Democrats only care about power and increasing that power. He says legislation like the "Dream Act" is an example of how they will try to bring people in to keep their majority and keep themselves in office.

The new law was one of Governor Quinn’s top priorities during the spring legislative session. The Governor believes it will ensure that Illinois continues to lead the nation in increasing access to top-quality education.

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