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Your local Social Security office will be enforcing different hours starting August 15.

Social Security saw some changes in their fiscal year budget for 2012, and part of those changes will be new hours at their offices throughout the country. Jack Meyers, Public Affairs Specialist with Social Security says the reduction in ours will only be 30-minutes per day. Offices throughout the nation have traditionally closed at 5 pm, but they will now close at 4:30.

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According to Meyers, employees of Social Security continue working beyond when the doors close to the public. He says the goal of closing early is to avoid overtime work and to allow for all employees' tasks to be completed by 5 pm.

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Meyers says many of the services provided in the individual offices are available online. He says the convenience factor of having those same services offered online save someone time and money in visiting the social security website.

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Again the hours of operation changes for your local Social Security office will begin Monday August 15. Meyers encourages those who utilize their social security benefits to visit socialsecurity.gov to view the many things you can do from their website.

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