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One local agency is seeking the help of volunteers.

DOVE Incorporated is seeking the help of volunteers in DeWitt County. Domestic Violence Program Coordinator Cathy Briggs indicates, as of right now, she is the only member of their staff, which is where the efforts they receive from volunteers is heavily relied on.

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Despite being the only person on staff, Briggs says she will never turn anyone away that needs help. She says she will make herself as available as possible. She stresses the safety of those in the community is her top priority and tries to do everything she can to be there for those in need.

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DOVE in DeWitt County is currently seeking the help of volunteers. Briggs notes being a volunteer with DOVE is a unique situation because of the regulations associated with domestic violence. Volunteers must go through strenuous training. She feels that is why they do not currently have any volunteers in DeWitt County.

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The training sessions this year will be a little different this year. Briggs says in past years the training sessions have been broken up into different weekends, this year it will be a week long training session for 8-hours a day. She feels this will be much better for interested in volunteering. The training session this year will be September 12-16.

For more information about being a volunteer for DOVE, their upcoming training, or any of their services, you can contact Cathy Briggs at 935-6619.

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