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With several agencies throughout the state and country seeing their finances being cut or even eliminated, one local agency is thinking outside the box to continue to keep their doors open and offer their programs and services.

The Human Resource Center of DeWitt County has recently established a short term budget. Executive Director at HRC of DeWitt County, Roger Larson says right now is an interesting time for HRC because of only a 4-month contract they have with the state.

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The lack of funding will allow for Larson to try to accomplish something he has hoped to do for a while now. His goal is to reach out to other communities and their organizations to try to reach out to the county in different ways. He says HRC receives money from DeWitt County, not just Clinton, so he feels they need to be more involved in the county.

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According to Larson, he would like to see HRC have more of a presence in the county. He says he would like to see HRC become more involved in bringing organizations together. He says this one aspect of HRC he feels is underutilized.

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Rogers says people tend to think mental health, substance abuse and developmental disability services, however, he feels like they have the personnel with the skills to extend their services to the community.

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