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The Scovill Zoo in Decatur is going through a process they only have to do every 5 years right now.

The Decatur based zoo is currently working on getting their membership with the AZA, or Association for Zoos and Aquariums. Ken Fry, the Associate Director at Scovill Zoo explains the AZA, which inspects the zoo and the care of the animals and the property as well, sets a high standard to be a part of their association. He says being a part of it means you are doing things the way the best Zoos do things.

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Fry says the inspections the AZA has each individual zoo allow for site supervisors to finish uncompleted projects that have been on hold. He also says it is a good opportunity for them to get a second opinion on some of the exhibits in the zoo.

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Staff members from the Zoo will be attending a conference in Atlanta, Georgia to meet with the AZA and hope to get their membership renewed. Fry says the conference is a week long conference in early September.

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Scovill Zoo has been a member of the Association for Zoos and Aquariums for 10 years now, or two 5-year memberships, and hope to receive their 3rd. Fry says the zoo only received one recommendation to upgrade their facility. He adds that upgrade is in the process of being completed, and should not be an issue come time for their visit with the AZA.

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