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The project on Kleemann Drive the Clinton City Council recently decided to move forward on may be taking a step backwards.

The Clinton City Council recently made the decision to take advantage of $1.5-million dollars made available through the Illinois Department of Transportation. In July, the Council faced the decision to move forward with approving the project or losing the $1.5 million dollars reserved by the state of Illinois. Now the Council faces a bigger dilemma with the project. City Administrator for the City of Clinton Tim Followell explains the estimates came back from the Farnsworth Group for the project, and they are significantly higher than what was anticipated.

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The project came about in a very short time. Followell explains the cost estimate the city had before is now quite a bit higher than what they were anticipating the inflation on the cost would be when they approved the project.

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The city has tabled discussion regarding moving forward with the project to their next meeting, Monday August 15. Followell says the discussion will center around whether the city can afford approximately $1-million dollars to continue with the project.

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Followell says the discussion is going to be a tough decision because the council will then lose $1.5 million dollars designated by the state, however, he says the opportunity for the state to fund a project like this does not come around very often.

Followell says while the commissioners are elected to make decisions on behalf of the citizens of Clinton, however, he encourages residents to talk with their elected officials and give their input on the future of the project because he believes this is going to be a tough decision for them.

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